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Groupe Liaisons upgrades to latest Quark Publishing System

Press release from the issuing company

FRANCE - Paris - July 12, 2005 - Quark Inc. today announced that Groupe Liaisons has chosen to upgrade its publishing system by adopting QuarkXPress 6.5 and Quark Publishing System (QPS) 3.5. The upgrade will allow Groupe Liaisons to reinforce the production flow optimization policy it developed with Quark 10 years ago. Following a recommendation from Creative Systems Engineering (CSE), a company that specializes in IT consulting and engineering systems for the media industry, Groupe Liaisons became a Quark early adopter. QuarkXPress and QPS were first implemented at Groupe Liaisons in 1995. Because Quark has continually catered to Groupe Liaisons’ requirements, the relationship has evolved and flourished for 10 years. “Quark has enabled us to develop a powerful and reliable publishing system,” said Palmira Andrade, IT director for Groupe Liaisons. “Groupe Liaisons decided to adopt this long term technical strategy in 2000 when we moved to QPS 2. Today, our publishing system relies on three QPS [systems] based on three physical servers, and our recent decision was a natural extension of this policy.” The long-term decision to continue using QPS involves more than 70 publications and a total of 250 workstations. “Management at Groupe Liaisons quickly understood the advantages of Quark Publishing System,” said Gildas Duval, Commercial Director for Quark Southern Europe. “Today, Groupe Liaisons has grown and renewed its confidence in us by adopting QuarkXPress 6.5 and QPS 3.5. This is further proof that the technical and commercial advances Quark has implemented by listening to our customers’ needs are a move in the right direction.”