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G2 Graphic Service Bringing Superheroes and Movie Stars to Life with Equipment from Enovation

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VALHALLA, N.Y. (July 5, 2005) – The countdown on Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’ website reads: 671 days, 14 hours, 5 minutes and 58 seconds (and counting!). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment (along with many Marvel Comic fans) is counting down to the arrival of “Spider-Man 3,” the third in a series of blockbuster movies that’s already netted Sony millions of dollars. “Spidey’s” debut on the big screen three years ago broke movie industry records, reeling in more than $100 million in just the first weekend, even while competing with Ben Affleck’s “Changing Lanes,” Jodie Foster’s “Panic Room,” and the family-friendly “Ice Age.” Competing for box office dollars is what the movie industry is all about and, in turn, why the marketing pieces and efforts surrounding a particular film are so crucial. The pieces – including everything from posters and P-O-P displays to window clings and signage – must be exciting, memorable and perfect. For that kind of high-end, high-quality printing, Sony Pictures Home Entertainment turns to G2 Graphic Service in North Hollywood. Last year, when Marvel Comics’ famous web-crawler took to the big screen for a second time in “Spider-Man 2,” G2 Graphic Service tackled the job of producing posters, trade advertisements, consumer advertisements and window clings for the home video release. And while the “Spider-Man 2” marketing collateral was a demanding job, it’s just one of many that come through the doors at G2 Graphic Service. “One of our primary staples is the entertainment industry,” explains Joe Cotrupe, vice president of business development at G2 Graphic Service, “and that industry is extremely demanding.” It was that demand that spurred G2 Graphic Service to install new equipment from Enovation Graphic Systems, including new devices from both Fujifilm and Xerox. “Our clients expect us to produce pieces of the ultimate quality and, to do that, we need equipment that’s of the ultimate quality,” he adds. “That’s why we selected these new devices.” New in the prepress area is the Fujifilm Quattro scanner, PictroProof II contone proofer and FinalProof GxT digital contract proofer, along with a Rampage workflow. The company also added Xerox’s new DocuColor iGen3 digital production press as well as Fujifilm plates in the pressroom. The Fujifilm FinalProof GxT has really transformed the proofing process at G2 Graphic Service, not just in what the company is able to proof, but also in how they’re able to proof. “For the first time our clients are truly able to see what their final projects will look like without the added expense of a press proof.” Building on the company’s reputation of excellence in color proofing, Fujifilm gives users of the FinalProof GxT digital contract proofer added flexibility and versatility and allows them to tackle and proof jobs that they’ve not been able to previously. The FinalProof GxT system features an extended color gamut and allows users to transfer most PANTONE colors, opaque white and metallics to virtually any substrate. The Spider-Man poster is just one example of how the expanded proofing capability allowed G2 Graphic Service to accurately represent the 5th and 6th colors. “On the creative side of this industry and at the higher-end of the spectrum, customers are willing to design and print jobs using an array of colors and metallics and with a number of very creative elements,” Cotrupe says. “And if they’re willing to design it, then we need to be able to proof it. The FinalProof GxT allows us to do that.” In extending the color gamut for digital proofing, Fujifilm has added an 8-color library of donor material that, in addition to traditional C, M, Y and K, also includes green, orange, red and reflex blue. Additionally, custom libraries can be created using dot percentages of any donor color, expanding the gamut even further to accurately match more spot colors. “The majority of our studio work includes special 5th and 6th colors and often utilizes metallic colors as well.” Cotrupe says the prepress department at G2 Graphic Service is also pleased with the FinalProof GxT, especially with its user-friendly design and automation. “Our staff is the top of the industry and the automation of this device allows them to spend their time doing what they do best, instead of manually making and remaking proofs.” Expanded capabilities is also the reason the company decided to install the Xerox iGen3 as well. Working with representatives from Enovation Graphic Systems, G2 Graphic Service selected the oversized version of the latest digital press from Xerox. “We do a lot of jobs that are short run or need versioning, and this device is perfect for that,” Cotrupe says. “ We also have some clients who want to be able to do some variable data work, and now we can do that for them as well.” Cotrupe said there were three jobs already earmarked for the iGen3 before it was even installed. The DocuColor iGen3 is the latest digital press from Xerox, and has answered the call for companies such as G2 Graphic Service who are looking for a solution for short-run digital color jobs, faster turnarounds and the ability to provide personalized, customized communications for clients. The iGen3 is able to produce up to 6,600 full process color impressions per hour (A4 letter size). Additionally, thanks to Xerox’s patented dry inks, users don’t have to allow for drying time. G2 Graphic Service has the only iGen3 in the Hollywood area, and the oversized format allows them greater flexibility in the types of customer projects they’re able to produce. The iGen3 features an oversized 14.33” x 22.5” platen, allowing operators to print and bind full size pieces in both the landscape or portrait modes. Cotrupe says the addition of the new equipment at G2 Graphic Service was done out of a commitment to the company’s clients and to the industry they serve. “We are just giving our clients more of what they’re looking for,” he adds. “We have an extensive prepress and prep area and an extensive press area as well,” Cotrupe says. “This is an ultimate high-end production facility.”