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The Jaws RIP Powers A New High Speed Range Of Inkjet Print Modules From Canon Finetech Inc.

Press release from the issuing company

Cambridge, UK and Centreville US; 5 July, 2005: Global Graphics, the technology experts for open document and print solutions, has licensed its Jaws RIP technology to Canon Finetech Inc. to provide the processing power for a range of inkjet print modules. The modules are used for a variety of commercial printing applications such as business forms, direct mail, and address labels, and are capable of very high speeds. Canon Finetech Inc. chose the Jaws RIP because it believes the technology provides them with the competitive advantage to grow their commercial inkjet printer business by combining the high performance required by their customers in this market with an attractive price. Initially the Jaws RIP has been integrated into a print module named “PM-1" used for commercial printings, with a 4" (100mm) wide print width, and capable of printing 600dpi at 120 meters/minute. The Jaws RIP has enabled Canon Finetech Inc. to achieve its goals for processing speed as well as provide added value to their customers because of its capability to process PDF files natively. “Today, we develop and improve ink-jet head, ink and software, to develop the ink-jet commercial printers business”, says Akira Katayama, General Manager, POD Products Development Center, CANON FINETECH INC “Especially in the realm of printer control software development, there were tasks to improve data processing performance, the diversification of compatible format and our customers’ demands that needed to be coordinated urgently. Jaws RIP made a large step to achieve these software technical tasks. In the future, the installation of the Jaws RIP into the software for other card printers and label printers that we are developing and manufacturing, will be considered to further promote our commercial inkjet printer business.” The Jaws RIP is a kernel interpreter, supplied to Global Graphics’ customers as a software development kit, and with a highly developed Application Programming Interface (API), around which they can wrap layers of functionality to create custom solutions for their market segments. It is designed to run on a wide variety of different platforms and operating systems and its main strengths are it's flexibility, portability, and reliability. Global Graphics is at the forefront of emerging standards and technology. The Company has extensive expertise in Page Description Languages and has been working with PostScript since 1986 and with the Portable Document Format (PDF) since it was introduced in 1993. The company plays an active role on industry standards committees and has an extensive patent portfolio touching many areas of printing technology. Global Graphics’ broad technology portfolio includes: Raster Image Processors (RIPs) that convert text and images into printable form; software for document conversion and manipulation; and, components for digital workflows and color management. Its flagship brands include Harlequin and Jaws.