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Agfa Releases :ApogeeX 2.5

Press release from the issuing company

Mortsel, Belgium – 23 May 2005 – Agfa announced today the latest edition of its most advanced workflow management software, :ApogeeX 2.5. Incorporating technology updates from Agfa's OEM partners, Adobe and Enfocus, :ApogeeX 2.5 offers users better performance, enhanced quality, and support for the latest application files. Additionally, many new improvements have been incorporated at the level of the :ApogeeX Client Application and :ApogeeX Server providing improved operator control and enhanced job management and processing. "ApogeeX 2.5 sets new performance standards for workflow automation and productivity in the printing industry," said Agfa's Angelo Manno, worldwide marketing manager for commercial software. "Our initial customer feedback indicates that :ApogeeX 2.5 is best-in-class and will move them ahead of the competition." The technology update includes newer versions of the Adobe CPSI, In-Render Trapper and PDF Trapper, Flattener, and the Enfocus PitStop Preflight engine. :ApogeeX 2.5 also supports the latest JDF1.2 standards and includes improved Pantone reproduction for proofing. :Apogee Series2, Series3, :ApogeeX 1.0, 2.0 and 2.1.1 users can easily upgrade to :ApogeeX 2.5 via a "single version upgrade," or more economically via a "technology contract." Upgrades can be obtained for any of the following :ApogeeX products: :ApogeeX Light, :ApogeeX Commercial, :ApogeeX Packaging, :ApogeeX Create Pro, and :ApogeeX Proofer. In addition, two new versions of :ApogeeX 2.5 have been added to address specific market segment needs. :ApogeeX Prime is a fully featured prepress workflow system that runs on a single platform. It includes PDF creation, preflighting, imposition, rendering, trapping and proofing. :ApogeeX Prime is primarily designed to accommodate the throughput and functionality requirements of smaller commercial printers that are looking for an affordable solution. :ApogeeX Prime's scalable architecture provides several options to expand its functionality, including an upgrade to :ApogeeX Commercial for increased productivity. :ApogeeX Imager provides an affordable distribute and print network using JDF, by performing page imposition and plate imaging at remote print sites. Working in tandem with the :ApogeeX Commercial workflow system or :Delano project management system, :ApogeeX Imager lets users maintain a fully equipped, centralised prepress site for processing tasks, such as PDF creation, preflighting, PDF trapping and proofing. It minimises the workflow investments at remote sites where normally only final imposition and plate-making are required. :ApogeeX Imager can be scaled to a multi-platform system for driving a group of CtP imaging devices for enhanced plate-making. Other options are available to enhance the standard functionality, including an upgrade to :ApogeeX Commercial. Other new :ApogeeX 2.5 features and options include: Enhanced Production Plan Editing – Enables operators to make last minute changes, quickly and easily, to any running job. By changing parameters, or by simply changing the output device using drag & drop icons, jobs can be instantly re-routed. New "Discard" Action – Enables operators to selectively determine which pages or flats need to be output. Choices can be made to what imaging device or proofer output needs to be generated, improving the overall performance of the system. ApogeeX Server & Database Optimisations – Anticipates the throughput requirements of high production users processing hundreds of jobs at one time. Remote Proofing Controller – Generates reliable and predictable, colour managed digital proof files, which can be delivered to remote print buyers for easy downloading to a :Sherpa proofing device. This eliminates the need to render it again ensuring the integrity of the remote proof. Agfa's :QmsX (Quality Management System) guarantees that every contract colour proof from any :Sherpa proofing system – whether it is in the next room or in a remote location – will deliver consistent, repeatable colour time after time. Support for 18 languages – :ApogeeX WebApproval provides support for 18 languages, removing language barriers and allowing a worry-free content approval from print buyers at remote locations using a standard web-browser. Multiple approval hold points – :ApogeeX WebApproval lets print buyers approve job content at different stages of production. Depending on where web approval hold points are placed, single page low-resolution or high-resolution PDFs, rendered low-resolution or high-resolution pages, or imposed flats can be made available for approval.