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New Oce Doc Works Pro Software Drives Greater Workflow Productivity

Press release from the issuing company

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 21 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced Oce Doc Works Pro(TM) software, which helps in-plant printshops and small to medium-size commercial printers achieve greater workflow productivity and better operation management through capabilities such as central control of Oce and non-Oce printers, the ability to manage queues across multiple printer platforms, automated flow of jobs from office users, web submission from intranet and internet, and more. "Oce Doc Works Pro software demonstrates our commitment to helping customers create a complete digital production environment without bottlenecks," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for Oce Digital Document Systems. "When Oce Doc Works Pro is combined with other Oce PRISMA(TM) software and the Oce VarioPrint(TM) 2110 multifunctional device or the Oce CPS 800 and CPS 900 digital color printing systems, the result is a comprehensive integrated production center unlike anything else available. Even digital storefront capabilities can be brought in with Oce PRISMAweb(TM) software." Accelerating Job Submission and Prepress With Oce Doc Works Pro software installed for enterprise use, end users can send jobs to the in-house printshop without worrying about emailing the proper instructions or talking to the production operator. Using the defined template, submissions can be prepared and sent in less time and with precise results. Oce Doc Works Pro is Adobe Acrobat PDF-based for industry-standard workflow, and it accelerates the process of submitting jobs either electronically or as hardcopy. The software provides powerful job ticketing, PDF conversion, and queue features that reduce job submission time, while ensuring greater accuracy. In-plant and small to medium size commercial printers retain the flexibility of deciding what printer should receive a job based on workload, device capabilities or other factors, removing these decisions from the end client, who may not have the necessary knowledge. As a result, important document workflow is not delayed by mistakes or questions during the submission process. Work can be prepared and forwarded directly to any number of Oce or non-Oce printers to ensure faster turnaround and accuracy. In addition, production staff does not lose time correcting or preparing job tickets for customers and can instead focus on more productive work. To further free up staff resources, Oce Doc Works Pro software handles time-consuming document submission tasks. The software does automatic preflighting and color separations all on the fly, and users can preview jobs before sending. Oce Doc Works Pro lets in-plant and small to medium-size commercial printers easily create complex documents requiring inserts of certain pages, such as preprinted color output. For example, a 100-page document with 80 black and white pages and 20 color pages scattered throughout would normally require that the whole job be run on a color printer, or else involve a time-intensive process of collating, splitting and inserting color pages manually. With Oce Doc Works Pro, color pages are automatically tagged and sent to a color device such as the Oce CPS 800. The operator then simply puts these finished pages directly into one of the drawers on an Oce VarioPrint 2110 digital printer, which will collate pages automatically without any damage to the preprinted inserts. Another common scenario for the production center is when a client brings in hardcopy for digital production. Oce Doc Works Pro includes scanning and image enhancement capabilities to easily improve documents submitted for digital workflow without requiring use of yet another set of tools. With Oce Doc Works Pro, the production center can take in hardcopy in almost any condition, scan it, merge it with other files, and clean up the image electronically. A new version of Oce DocSetter(TM) software is included in Oce Doc Works Pro for prepress work like deskewing, despeckling and many other tasks associated with preparing with a scanned image. After that, the image is brought back into Oce Doc Works Pro for production. As production centers receive more hardcopy-to-digital assignments, this integrated workflow saves time and improves quality. Oce Doc Works Pro also supports remote or online job submission to further extend workflow automation upstream. If the submitter has the Oce Doc Works Pro client on a laptop, the software automatically does PDF conversion to prepare the job for output at the print operations. The software includes a web submission tool to allow even remote locations without Oce Doc Works Pro to submit jobs via the web.