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Creo Releases Profile Wizard Digi for Easier Color Management with Digital Printing

Press release from the issuing company

Vancouver, BC, Canada (April 19, 2005) – Creo Inc. is now shipping Profile Wizard Digi color management software. Creo Profile Wizard Digi provides digital printers with a powerful and intuitive tool to produce more consistent, controlled color printing. Profile Wizard Digi uses automation and a user-friendly guided workflow to simplify the process of creating ICC profiles that suit the unique requirements for digital printing. (An ICC profile is a standardized color profile that conforms to the International Color Consortium specification to ensure transportability between different platforms and devices.) The three-step ICC-profile creation process reduces training time and ensures predictable color quality faster with fewer errors. Profile Wizard utilizes Creo’s intelligent state-of-the-art color management technology to help maintain color integrity in production. Profile Wizard Digi factors in the different technical parameters and color performance of each Xerox DocuColor printer to ensure that each profile is optimized for use with the Creo Spire color server. The GretagMacbeth iCColor spectrophotometer is used with Profile Wizard Digi to enable error-free measurement of color charts. Its fast measurement capabilities, together with its easy-to-use interface, make it the perfect match for the intuitive Profile Wizard Digi software. “Profile Wizard Digi provides incredible color accuracy for the Spire color servers and it is extremely easy to use,” said Eliza Leung, Creo product manager. "Before introducing the Digi, we were only able to achieve color consistency between different stocks by manually manipulating the colors. It slowed us down like crazy," said Don Copeland, manager, Colour Tech Marketing Inc. of Toronto, ON, Canada. Now that Colour Tech Marketing is using Profile Wizard Digi, he said,” We’ve already noticed a big difference. During calibration — and we calibrate quite often around here — we put all the different stocks through with the sample file. Now they stay consistent after calibration, where I could get almost night-and-day difference before we started using the Digi." Profile Wizard Digi is available worldwide through Creo, dealers and resellers. For more information, visit www.creo.com/digi.