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Publication and Commercial Printers Select Creo Veris to Replace Iris Proofing

Press release from the issuing company

Vancouver, BC, Canada (April 15, 2005) - Creo Inc. is pleased to announce that commercial and publication printers are choosing the Creo Veris" proofer as an ideal replacement for Iris proofers. Used for digital contract proofing, the Veris proofer delivers improved reliability, consistency and productivity while saving time and money for Iris owners. Reliability and Consistency Set the Veris Apart James Hogan of Whitmore Print & Imaging of Annapolis, MD, USA knew exactly what his team was looking for in a proofing solution. "We've been using digital proofing for many years," said Hogan, senior vice president, Manufacturing Operations. "The Veris proofers replaced two Iris4PRINT" proofers, and those had replaced previous models of Iris." According to Hogan, the improvement in contract proofing accuracy was apparent right away. "The Veris immediately got our proofing closer to our output quality. Our sales people have promoted it, and customers have noticed as well." For Hogan, consistency is also a big advantage. Day in and day out, they find the Veris to be rock-solid in calibration. "We still check it every month or so, just to be sure, but we haven't had to recalibrate, because the machines don't drift. That's one of the great things about the Veris; it's so consistent." For Quantum Color Graphics of Morton Grove, IL, USA, the Veris is a clear improvement over their previous Iris4PRINT proofers. "For about seven years, two Iris4PRINTs were our primary proofing solution," says John Heinzmann, technical services manager. "Right away, we saw how much better the Veris is, notably in its gray balance and its text resolution. And it's more consistent in color overall." The Quantum Color prepress department is a 24-hour operation. Heinzmann estimates they run 25 to 30 proofs a day, seven days a week. Reliability and consistency is essential. "It was a lot of work to keep the Iris4PRINT proofers calibrated and operating optimally. The Veris is much more solid." Proofing Time Cut in Half "The Veris has made a huge difference," says Kelly O'Brien, prepress manager, Paizo Publishing, Bellevue, WA, USA. "With the Veris I can do a magazine in two days. With our previous proofer it took four days." The time saved means O'Brien is working under less pressure. "We can get to press earlier or push out our deadlines. This is incredibly valuable." Paizo no longer sends a representative to do a press check at the R.R. Donnelly print facility. "We send the files and the Veris proofs, and we get printed magazines back without any further checking or worries." O'Brien adds, "We used an Iris4PRINT before and it had good color. So when we bought the Veris I was skeptical. But it's twice as fast, its color is very good, and it's so much easier to use." Proofing Productivity The team at Alpha Beta Press in Tinley Park, IL, USA re-evaluated their proofing capabilities recently and decided to replace two Iris4PRINT proofers with a pair of Veris proofers. The new proofers quickly proved their worth economically. According to Doug Ward, electronic prepress manager, "We run about 125 4-up proofs a week. With Veris, we can produce twice as many proofs in the same time as before, so there is a cost saving. They feed the paper reliablyyou can queue up two or three jobs and just forget about it. That's a big benefit. So as far as hitting the bottom line, we're saving a lot of labor costs, and a lot of machine time." He says, "I'm able to put more jobs through the two Veris systems than I was able to put through both the thermal proofer and the two Irises." Unique among proofing systems, the Veris is based on Creo-developed Multi-Drop Array" imaging technology, which precisely steers ink droplets for a true 1500 x 1500 dpi resolution at production speeds. As a result, Veris offers the highest quality possible in an inkjet proofing system with superior text, linework, vignettes, shadows and highlight detail.