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Oce Introduces Media in 17-Inch Width for Popular Epson Stylus(R) Pro 4000 Printers

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Apr. 13 -- Oce, a leader in large format digital printing solutions, today unveiled a line of 17-inch inkjet media that is compatible with Epson Stylus Pro 4000 inkjet printers. This new width complements the existing Oce line of 24- to 44-inch media for other Epson large format inkjet printers. It reinforces Oce's commitment to providing top-of-the-line inkjet media to support high resolution, photo quality inkjet printing from the industry's leading printer manufacturers. Oce offers the following glossy, satin and matte photopapers, and presentation matte papers in 17-inch widths specifically for use in Epson Stylus Pro 4000 inkjet printers: Photopapers. PhotoPerfect Plus Glossy (GIPPLS7), PhotoPerfect Plus Satin (SIPPLS7), PrintPerfect Matte (AMPP07), Instant Dry Satin (PSDRY8) and Alternative Satin (SAPP8). Matte Papers. Presentation Paper 24lb. (BMHR24), Presentation Bond 35 lb. (BMHR35), Presentation Paper 46 lb. (BMHR46) and Color Proofing (BC2S32). The above media is also available in other widths for use in Epson 7600 (24-inch), Epson 9600 (44-inch) and Epson 10600 (44-inch) large format inkjet printers. To further support the Epson large format printer line, Oce offers a range of films, outdoor media, pressure sensitive media, textiles and canvas in a variety of widths from 24- to 44-inches. Films. Glossy White Film (FGPLS4), Clear Film No stripe (FCNS04), Backlit Film (FBUC07), Clear Film w/Side Stripe (FC1050) and Universal Polypropylene (UBPOLY). Outdoor Media. Outdoor Wet Strength (OBP11), Outdoor Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Vinyl (OVAP6PS), Outdoor Tyvek Banner (OBT09), Outdoor Scrim Vinyl (PBSCRM16), Outdoor Matte Banner (OBM09), Outdoor Backlit Film (FBOC06), Ultra-Durable Scrim (PBSCRIM19) and Outdoor Banner (OBPOLY8). Pressure Sensitive. Adhesive Clear Film (ACFLM04) and Adhesive Alternative (PSAMMP07). Textiles. Smooth Cotton (TBSC230), Heavy Cotton (OTC320), Economy Cotton (TBEC290), Polyester Banner 110g (TBE110), Polyester Banner 71g (TBPE71) and Outdoor Mesh Banner (OBMESH). Canvas. 16 mil Matte Canvas (OBC18) and 22 mil Matte Canvas (OBC10). Oce Imaging Supplies products enable display graphics print providers to deliver top quality solutions that are as diverse as their clients' imaginations. Oce media offer universal benefits including very fast dry times, high image quality with no image bleed, intense and vibrant colors, and compatibility with most water based pigmented inks to ensure excellent print longevity. Oce Media Toll-Free Technical Support To ensure customers get the best from their printer and media combination, Oce offers Oce Toll-Free Media Technical Support staffed by the Graphic Intelligence Agency. These specially trained representatives have a thorough knowledge of popular inkjet printers, ink types, authoring software, RIP software and Oce media. Customers can obtain advice on the use of Oce media for a particular application, learn how to optimize printing for a variety of printers using various RIP software packages or determine the best alternatives for finishing selected media for a given application. To reach the Oce Media Technical Support staff, call 1-800-578-5902. How to Order For information and help locating an Oce Authorized Reseller, call toll- free 1-800-323-4827. For additional product information, visit http://www.oceusa.com/resourcecenter.