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NAPL Guarantees Improved Sales Performance With New Offer

Press release from the issuing company

PARAMUS, N.J., APRIL 6, 2005 – Graphic communications companies seeking to significantly increase their sales performance have an unprecedented opportunity to do so with Sean McArdle’s Sales Acquisition System, offered exclusively by the National Association for Printing Leadership (NAPL) to a limited number of printing companies on a first-come, first-served basis. The famed sales trainer notes that, when implemented properly, the Sales Acquisition System can help a company’s top salesperson double his/her sales in two years, with the rest of the sales force selling as much as the top salesperson is selling today. “What would it be worth to you if, instead of hiring a new salesperson, you had a system that made each of your existing salespeople more productive?” asks McArdle. In the 12-month program, McArdle builds on his renowned sales training course, The Art & Science of Printing Sales, with a series of nine in-person, on-site work sessions and a customized, strategic selling plan for each client. The System is designed mainly for graphic arts companies with sales forces of three or more who are not generating enough sales to fill their capabilities—the more salespeople a company has, the more productive the system. “Most printing companies today are running one or two shifts when they should be running two-and-a-half or three,” McArdle says. “Many have the infrastructure, but their sales force just isn’t bringing in enough work, so they’re not using their capital equipment for at least one-third of their capability. My System can put an end to that money drain by teaching salespeople how to bring in the business that fills their existing capability without making any additional capital investment.” McArdle will also help each client identify customers and prospects that have the most potential for its individual high-profit, high-volume capabilities and “weed out” under-performing customers and salespeople. Offering a hefty return on investment through both increased sales and decreased sales costs, the program features a money-back guarantee supported by both NAPL and McArdle: If the client company commits to supporting the system and enforcing its use by sales personnel, results are guaranteed or program fees will be reimbursed. “If company owners and senior management get behind the program and make the needed investments in customer relationship management software and in acquiring quality prospect names from qualified database services, I can promise them that each salesperson using the System will start making the sales that will make you more profitable,” notes McArdle. Because of McArdle’s personal implementation of the program, only eight clients will be accepted this year, so companies seeking to use the system should act now by contacting John Hyde, NAPL’s managing director of Consulting Services, at (800) 642-6275, ext. 1313, or [email protected] for more details and to set up a free phone consultation with Séan McArdle.