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Creo Celebrates 25,000 Copies of Preps, Version 5.1 Released

Press release from the issuing company

Vancouver, BC, Canada (April 4, 2005) – Creo Inc. is pleased to announce the 25,000th sale of Preps software, the world’s leading digital imposition tool. Creo is marking this occasion with the release of new Preps version 5.1 featuring enhanced JDF integration, and additional language support. Preps is used in 89 countries on six continents, making it the imposition tool of choice for multiple channels of the commercial printing industry. Since this revolutionary tool was introduced to the graphic arts industry in 1993, thousands of printers worldwide have saved time and experienced increased productivity. Preps Delivers Value for MacDonald & Evans The 25,000th copy of Preps software was purchased by MacDonald & Evans, a 100-year-old sheetfed commercial printer in Braintree, MA, USA. “We are pleased that Creo celebrated this special occasion with us,” said Frank Piazza, owner of MacDonald & Evans. “Preps has been a valuable tool for our company for many years, and we look forward to using this outstanding piece of software for many more years. “ “I’ve always used Preps,” said Tom Wentzell, prepress manager at Macdonald & Evans. “We started with a copy for our Brisque workflow system and we’ve stayed with Preps. We burn 400 to 500 plates every month and run every job through Preps. It handles everything from signatures to flat work, perfecting—and everything in-between.” Eliminating the need for manual stripping, Preps has the ability to impose any combination of PostScript, PDF, EPS, DCS, and TIFF source files into signatures. These imposed signatures can be output to any PostScript-compatible device such as a computer-to-plate device, imagesetter, on-demand printer, digital printer, wide-format imposition proofer, or laser printer. “The 25,000th copy of Preps marks a huge accomplishment for Creo,” said Chris Ries, Preps product manager. “Preps drives and reflects innovation and profound change in the graphic arts industry over the years. Creo is proud to have reached this important milestone.” Within two years of its launch date, more than 1000 copies of Preps had been sold. From early on, Preps provided support for Brisque, Prinergy and Apogee workflow solutions, as well as Adobe CPSI RIP and PDF processing capabilities. It also paved the way for integrated workflow systems with the addition of PDF in 2000 and JDF support in 2002. Enhanced JDF Integration Preps 5.1 features a new JDF import functionality, providing the first opportunity for thousands of users worldwide to implement useful connectivity between estimating and prepress departments. Preps can now import JDF files from management information systems (MIS), delivering easy-to-use, inexpensive JDF. When a JDF file is imported, Preps expresses the JDF as a new Preps job and attempts to match the imposition details specified by the MIS with existing Preps templates. If a valid match is found, Preps will automatically populate the signature list. If no match is found, Preps will create a placeholder signature, which can be resolved once an appropriate template is created. Preps can then export a JDF file that includes the original JDF plus the JDF imposition layout and mark flats. The JDF can be used downstream by prepress workflows, or upstream by the MIS system to update imposition details from the missing original. New Language Support Version 5.1 introduces new language support, making Preps available in Italian and Simplified Chinese for the first time. As well, Preps 5.1 provides updated Japanese language support, the first since version 3.5.5. Users can read the dialog boxes, menus, template windows, and job windows in the selected language. In addition, the system accepts values entered in the applicable character set. Support has been added for vertical writing in Japanese and Chinese fonts on static text marks and flat identifier marks, text SmartMarks, and built-in signature collation marks. Preps is also available in English, French, German, and Spanish. For more information, visit www.creo.com/preps.