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New Oce CPS Platinum Platform Achieves Breakthrough Digital Color Quality

Press release from the issuing company

PHILADELPHIA, May 17 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced a new level of color quality for its Oce CPS 800 and 900 digital color presses with the introduction of the Oce CPS Platinum Platform. Already known for consistent offset-quality output, the Platinum option now gives Oce CPS models crisp, sharp color quality unmatched in its digital color press category. The Oce CPS Platinum Platform features new smoother, sharper Two-S toners with a smaller, more consistent particle size. The new toners deliver a significant difference in print quality over standard models, especially with solid colors and detailed images. An improved screening algorithm increases uniformity and purity in light tones. In addition, the Oce CPS printers maintain their competitive advantage when running heavier media by running at full engine speed across the spectrum of supported media. Because the printers run at full speed for any medium without calibration, they can be more productive than mechanically faster systems that must be taken offline for calibration or are slowed by heavier substrates. "We are excited to bring this remarkable new quality of color output to the on demand marketplace because it creates greater opportunities for transitioning offset work to a more economical digital platform," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for Oce Digital Document Systems. "With the Platinum choice, corporate and commercial print operations can confidently offer their customers a whole new level of color output for a wider range of applications." The Oce CPS 800 and 900 are full-color 600x2400 dpi devices, with the CPS 800 being the copier version of the CPS 900 printer. The CPS Platinum Platform is available for both models. In Booth 2101 at the On Demand Conference in Philadelphia, visitors can see live samples of the new color capabilities, as the Oce CPS 900 system produces color book covers for the Books for Kids program, as well as marketing collateral, inserts for interposing on other Oce systems, and other materials. The CPS systems use Oce Copy Press(TM) technology for offset-like color output, along with a seven-color process (C,M,Y,K plus red, green and blue) and mono-component toners that eliminate the need for developer. Oce Copy Press enables sharp offset-quality output on a variety of media, from lightweight papers to heavy weight stock for book covers. A transfer roller presses the page to the drum for better placement of toner to paper. It ensures consistently excellent quality for graphics even at high printing speeds, irrespective of medium. The output quality of the Oce CPS printer is distinguished by clear color gradations, homogeneity of fill areas, and excellent reproduction of detail and blacks due to ultra precise placement of toner dots. Sharpness of text and lines, shading smoothness, and improvements in halftones are especially apparent. As on demand print-for-pay operations seek to expand business opportunities through professional color services, the Oce CPS Platinum Platform allows them to compete more effectively and affordably with offset, especially as market demand for customized full color marketing materials and other variable data output increases. The CPS Platinum upgrade is generally available in June 2005. Field upgrades will be available for current Oce CPS 800 and 900 users.