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iG3 sprints to Reebok’s aid with VUTEk printed graphics

Press release from the issuing company

April 22, 2005 -- Toronto based large format print specialist, iG3, has used its VUTEk PressVu UV 200/600 flatbed rigid and flexible printer, and its existing two VUTEk UltraVu 2360 FC’s, to produce and install high quality in-store graphics for the complete re-fit and re-brand of a Toronto based Reebok store – all in 72 hours. Greg Donais, Managing Director, iG3 comments, ‘The PressVu UV 200/600 was perfect for this job. In fact, we have been so impressed with the printer in general, that despite its low cost price tag, we would have paid double the price to enjoy its high quality output – it’s a bargain.’ Utilizing the breadth of its VUTEk printing capabilities, iG3 was able to print and install a host of rigid and flexible graphics including shop front signage, wall coverings, POP displays and window graphics in record time. Totaling over 7500m of print, the sports apparel manufacturer and retailer benefited from iG3’s latest VUTEk technology, ensuring quick delivery, consistent color and extremely high resolution images for its store. Greg continues, ‘We produced graphics for a Reebok store at a Rockport Outlet based in a high profile area of Toronto, inline with a new re-branding exercise by Reebok across North America. As such, we were asked to transform the store for a four-day media blitz, designed to promote its ‘I am what I am’ campaign. We had only 72 hours to make the change over without interruption to its business – we achieved this thanks to the speed, reliability and consistency of our VUTEk printers, and specifically our new PressVu UV.’ iG3 prides itself on its ability to provide a turnkey service to customers. Using its VUTEk PressVu UV 200/600, installed in November 2004, it now has the confidence to tackle jobs that other companies wouldn’t touch. The Reebok job was a prime example of this, seeing a total of 92 pieces printed in only one shift, ranging in size from 2m x 12m to 4m x 8m. Using the PressVu UV 200/600’s high quality print, iG3 produced sintra based displays, shelf talkers and price tags on card stock, sign fascias and window graphics. The UltraVu 2360 was used to print blockout vinyl, and frontlit banners. According to iG3, the versatility to print on both rigid and roll-to-roll substrates provided by the PressVu UV, was a huge asset to the effectiveness of the Reebok job. ‘The PressVu UV is like having two printers in one. For Reebok, we could produce all the rigid graphics in one go and then simply switch to a flexible substrate to aid the UltraVu 2360 FC’s and increase speed of production for the other items’, comments Greg. Greg continues, ‘We are continually astonished at the print consistency between both our PressVu UV 200/600 and our UltraVu 2360 FC’s. Despite each different model using two different ink technologies, both printers were able to provide a solid color match for this job, ensuring brand integrity across all Reebok’s graphics.’ When iG3 researched the market for a machine that offered both rigid and flexible printing, it quickly realized the superior benefits of the VUTEk PressVu UV 200/600. Greg comments, ‘When we saw the PressVu UV’s production capabilities, mixed with VUTEk’s reliability and quality service, we decided to buy one. The fact that it also had an incredibly low price tag, was just a very, very nice bonus.’ Since installation, iG3 has been running its PressVu UV 200/600 24 hours a day. Making full use of its new printers substrate flexibility, iG3 is actively marketing its new rigid capabilities for applications including exhibition graphics and drive-thru POP. Greg continues, ‘Typically, for really high quality tradeshow graphics, a photographic process would be used to produce the print. But thanks to the PressVu UV’s high print resolution, we are able to win business for this market and provide graphics that actually offer superior UV stability and wider color gamut, with much increased overall durability. We are very pleased as we believe this to be a market with big potential for us.’ iG3 was established in 1998 by Greg Donais and Guy Langevin. Employing 30 people, it today provides a full range of superwide format printing services including vehicle graphics, POP, exhibition and more recently, trade show services. Greg concludes, ‘We couldn’t be happier with our current VUTEk set-up. The PressVu UV 200/600 has lived up to all expectations and is driving the business forward into new markets, with previously unattainable levels of print quality and substrate options. The flexibility and business opportunities presented by this printer are expected to benefit us greatly in the future.’