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Cenveo Creates A Digital Print-On-Demand Solution

Press release from the issuing company

ENGLEWOOD, Colo., March 28, 2005 – CenveoTM, a leading provider of visual communications, is partnering with one of its customers to cut the cost of producing sales literature by 40 percent with a digital print-on-demand solution driven by an automated online ordering system. Smith & Nephew Orthopaedics, a global provider of leading-edge joint replacement systems for knees, hips and shoulders, has capitalized on the digital print, custom web development, and eCENergy web portal capabilities offered by Cenveo and their Nashville, Tennessee facility. As a result, under a three-year contract, Smith & Nephew’s sales force can now personalize its print communications and eliminate the wasteful practice of stockpiling excessive quantities of conventionally printed materials. The system replaces a traditional lithographic print process in which bulk orders were printed and inventoried, then packed and shipped as requests came in for any of 600 preprinted sales pieces. Now, Smith & Nephew’s field sales representatives can print materials as the need arises, customizing the content for their clients, saving Smith & Nephew about 40 percent of what it had been spending under its old production model. “We expect the print-on-demand system to streamline much of the procurement of sales literature for the company,” say Victor Rocha, a spokesperson for Smith & Nephew. “A major benefit of printing digitally with Cenveo is being able to update sales pieces in any desired quantity on very short notice — an advantage that is essential to remaining competitive in the fast-changing world of medical technology.” Working from their desktop computers, Smith & Nephew sales representatives can go to a specially created Cenveo web portal where drop-down menus let them select literature from a variety of product categories. Once a print order is confirmed, the information is digitally transmitted to the Cenveo Nashville facility. There the order is printed to the salesperson’s specifications and shipped the same day. The system also allows customized, variable-content print orders to be mailed to a sales representative’s office, hospital or doctor’s office, or wherever the rep requests. The complete solution, a joint undertaking of Cenveo and IT services provider Vanick Group, typifies the Cenveo strategy of giving customers the means to control and order directly from their own library of digitally stored materials. The online ordering system eventually will enable Smith & Nephew’s 400-strong field sales force to place on-demand print orders for 600 different items. Other features of the system will include password-protected access to individually approved spend budgets; monthly tracking statements for the accounting department; and red-flag warnings triggered whenever users exceed their allotted budgets. “The real power of the system created for Smith & Nephew lies in the data management capability that enables personalized digital printing,” said Paul Reilly, CEO and president of Cenveo. “Digital printing's true value lies in increasing marketing return on investment by enabling one-to-one marketing with highly relevant communications. Targeted and personalized communications have been proven to increase communication effectiveness driving personalized print-on-demand with just-in-time access to visual communications can help companies like Smith & Nephew reduce inventory and meet the needs of a distributed sales force.” The company can now re-brand and update with only peripheral design costs to consider. They also have the flexibility to print information just three days before a new product or technology launch to include the most up-to-date information possible. “Given our background in direct mail, our familiarity with data mining, and in-house high-end digital presses, our Cenveo facility was ideally suited to address Smith & Nephew’s dilemma,” said Marshall Lyon, branch manager of the Cenveo facility in Nashville. “In addition, we are satisfied that Cenveo was able to streamline Smith & Nephew’s literature ordering and printing process, at a substantial savings to our customer, allowing them to take a leadership position in a very competitive market.” Cenveo will continue to focus on increasing its service offerings in data management in 2005, particularly in variable-data applications, network their presses closer and closer together, and partner with their customers in their efforts to deliver their messages more effectively.