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Per-Se Technologies Reports High Satisfaction with Exstream's Dialogue Software

Press release from the issuing company

Exstream Software, Inc. announced today positive reports from Per-Se Technologies, a satisfied user of its Dialogue software. Per-Se is the leader in Connective Healthcare solutions that help physicians and hospitals realize their financial goals. Per-Se’s Hospital Services Division is using Dialogue to help reduce operational expenses in its Patient Communications Center. With Dialogue, the company is producing client-specific transactional documents in real time and deploying them on the web for online proofing, which helps streamline the provider reimbursement process. Dialogue is also eliminating the need for manual archive and storage of documents and has substantially reduced paper and postage costs. Dialogue’s ability to easily integrate with Per-Se’s existing IT infrastructure combined with its high performance engine and ability to generate documents that include dynamic data and charts in real time were cited as key drivers in the selection of the software. Using Dialogue, the company has moved from generating 10,000 images per hour to more than 1.8 million per hour, and has reduced development time for key hospital statement applications by 75 percent. The software is also being used to drive document inserters and consolidate insurance claims for a single household, which has resulted in increased efficiency and a turnaround time of six minutes versus the 12 hours it used to take. “Speed is the number one driver in a transactional environment such as our Patient Communication Center,” said Chris Peterson, senior director, Hospital Services Division, for Per-Se. “Dialogue is the fastest product on the market for producing personalized documents and is one of the most advanced systems I’ve ever seen. We have yet to experience any limitations. The biggest advantage of using Dialogue’s real-time capabilities is decreased costs and faster turnaround of information important to the reimbursement process for our hospital clients.” Per-Se also likes the fact that Dialogue provides the scalability necessary to meet future application needs. Going forward, Per-Se’s Patient Communication Center plans to use Dialogue as the single platform for producing all of its communications, including internal report generation and other design and formatting applications. “Per-Se Technologies clearly knows how to leverage the power of Dialogue’s real-time capabilities for its customers,” said Davis Marksbury, president and CEO of Exstream Software. “We look forward to continuing our relationship with such an innovative healthcare services and IT company.”