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alfaQuest Technologies Showcases New Products at NEXPO

Press release from the issuing company

Rolling Meadows, IL March 1, 2005 - alfaQuest Technologies, Inc. will be showcasing "must see" products at the Newspaper Association of America (NAA) NEXPO Newspaper Production Conference, Newspapers '05, in Dallas, TX. NEXPO '05 will be center stage for the formal announcement of alfaQuest's new generation of FasTRAK Violet and UltraViolet CTP imagers - both are installed and in daily newspaper production. Each of the products provide markedly increased throughput at predominately lower costs than their predecessor models: FasTRAK CTP/UV 225 * UltraViolet laser images 225 PPH @ 1016 dpi (13" metro plates) FasTRAK CTP/UV 150 * UltraViolet laser images 150 PPH @ 1016 dpi (13" metro plates) FasTRAK CTP/V 225 * Violet laser images 225 PPH @ 1016 dpi (13" metro plates) FasTRAK CTP/V 175 * Violet laser images 175 PPH @ 1016 dpi (13" metro plates) As a further commitment to newspaper personnel getting value for their NEXPO dollars alfaQuest will be running these new units live and in blinding color configured as follows: * TRAKmate 2 Automatic Plate Loader as input * Both FasTRAK CTP on-line to plate processors * Both plate processors on-line to a Burgess Industries 2 into 1 Punch Bending System * FasTRAK CTP/UV 225 will be imaging Anocoil plates * FasTRAK CTP/V 225 will be imaging agfa plates Two full newspaper-imaging production lines will be in operation. Attendees will see both (violet and Ultra violet) running and judge for themselves, which is best for their operation. "Highlighting alfaQuest's 'cutting-edge' technology will be a strong affirmation that we are a Newspaper Vendor and we view Newspapers as our core current and future business partners. We don't do plates, we don't do chemistry, what we do do is Newspaper Systems - the very best Newspaper Systems," said Dennis Nierman, President of alfaQuest Technologies. In addition, alfaQuest will be exhibiting: * PrintExpress Consolidated Production Management System * PlateMate, the low-cost, entry level production workflow suite * Tracker - Management tools to keep newspaper production on schedule * Remote print site production transmission systems * Disaster recovery production systems * ProofExpress III - Full page (8 sec/page) proofing device * Remarque Stochastic Screening John Lally, Sr. VP Group Sales, states, "We're looking forward to demonstrating any and all of our Newspaper products to NEXPO attendees. Either contact us for a private demonstration, or just stop in. Either way, you are always welcome, and we are always pleased to be there for you."