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Esko-Graphics releases versions 4.0 of PackEdge, BackStageEdit, Plato and PlatoEdit

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium), February 28, 2005 – Esko-Graphics, the market leader in packaging pre-production solutions, announces the release of versions 4.0 of PackEdge, BackStageEdit, Plato, and PlatoEdit, all components of the company’s Scope workflow. The latest versions of these software tools feature updated input and output file compatibility such as full PDF 1.5 support, and enhancements designed to reduce errors, improve lead time and reduce cost. With regards to PDF 1.5 support, PackEdge and Plato are the only pre-press applications that come with Adobe Certification, meeting the high quality requirements of Adobe. PackEdge is the most productive, full-featured packaging prepress software solution offering unique technologies and dedicated tools for opening, editing, pre-flighting, trapping, color accurate viewing and even 3-D soft proofing. Running on standard PC hardware, and using standard open formats, PackEdge offers solid scalability at a cost-effective price. It links files between remote sites, combining all external references, and outputs to any PostScript RIP device. BackstageEdit offers the full set of PackEdge expert tools connected to the BackStage server, where background processing and file input and output is handled. Plato is a versatile step & repeat tool for folding cartons, labels and flexible packaging. It supports automated workflows using CAD sheet layouts, as well as a more powerful, interactive step & repeat function using its SmartLayout module. PlatoEdit provides the same set of expert tools as Plato, but relies on a Backstage server for the input and output of graphic files. Versions 4.0 of PackEdge, BackStage Edit, Plato, and PlatoEdit come with full PDF 1.5 support, as well as support for Adobe XMP. PackEdge and BackStageEdit transparently interchange Adobe XMP job metadata with desktop applications such as Adobe Acrobat 7 and Adobe Illustrator. Layer support allows immediate feedback about diecuts, trapping layers, and SmartMarks – which enable the simple, automatic addition of items such as control wedges and color density strips. New to PackEdge and BackStageEdit is InkWizard, an option supporting multi-color print processes in a prepress workflow. InkWizard converts an entire document from one color space to another, utilizing a selection of four different technologies for converting colors. “Esko-Graphics’ PackEdge, BackStageEdit, Plato, and PlatoEdit solutions have always provided powerful tools to edit, pre-flight and trap artwork, and perform step-and-repeat functions to build packaging plates for press,” comments Frank Adegeest, Esko-Graphics Senior Product Manager, Packaging Applications Software. “The most important enhancements we can provide designers, prepress shops, and converters is a faster and easier user interface as well as the strongest file exchangeability and industry compatibility. We believe that these solutions will continue to play important roles for all supply chain partners using Esko-Graphics Scope workflow environment.”