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Remote Director being used by Williamson Printing Corporation

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY; February 14, 2005 — Many of us are content, even happy, when we’re able to strike a “win-win” deal. But, thanks to ICS’ Remote Director monitor-based contract proofing system, one Texas printer was actually able to strike a “win-win-win” deal and cross international borders as well. Williamson Printing Corporation, based in Dallas, Tex., is using Remote Director to bring together all of the players to produce a variety of marketing materials for a number of luxury resorts, hotels and spas in Mexico and the Caribbean. Remote Director runs on commercially available hardware and allows multiple users to view and collaborate on proofs with all of the necessary tools for marking changes and giving final approval. With this software, Williamson Printing Corporation makes working with clients as easy as a simple click of the mouse. Sherman Sweeney, president of Williamson International, the global arm of parent organization Williamson Printing Corporation, said Williamson is using Remote Director extensively in their work with Arroba International, a comprehensive marketing firm that provides services such as photography, print, video and website development with offices in Cancun, Mexico and Harlingen, Tex. Arroba International uses Remote Director to approve color for the stunning photographs and design that appear in the marketing pieces. The result: a much quicker process and an overall smoother workflow. “ICS’ Remote Director levels the playing field for graphic designers in foreign countries,” says Carlos Bolaños, founder and principal of Arroba International. “With Remote Director, outstanding graphic arts resources in the United States, such as Williamson Printing Corporation, are at my fingertips.” ICS’s Remote Director is the first SWOP-certified, display-based contract proofing system that applies advanced color management and software technologies to ensure color-accurate proofs. It allows multiple users to view the same artwork, add comments and collaborate about color as well as content and build a complete digital record of the entire job from start to finish – all without consideration for geographical borders. Not only does Remote Director eliminate expensive hard proofs, but it also reduces overnight delivery charges. And, for users outside of the United States, it also eliminates that worries of delays with U.S. and foreign Customs. “Remote Director bridges the gap for me,” explains Bolaños. “Before, I had to rely on overnight packages, which were often delayed in customs. It could take 4-5 days to turnaround one round of proofs. With Remote Director, it’s possible to view several rounds of proofing in the same day. Working in sessions, I can review color according to my schedule. Williamson Printing schedules a session and I can review it at my leisure, 24 hours a day, and have the annotations ready for them to work on as soon as I finish.” “It is exciting to see Remote Director erasing time and distance barriers and reducing cycle time dramatically for our customers,” said John Sweeney, vice president, sales and marketing, ICS. “This not only creates opportunities for last minute changes,” he adds, “but makes print more competitive.” “I produce hundreds of images over the course of a year,” notes Bolaños. “My customers are able to save money on freight and hard proofs and I save a tremendous amount of time in the process. With Remote Director, I am able to review accurate color at every step of the process, saving time and money by eliminating the one-step forward, two steps back situation that is usually the case. “For Williamson Printing, for my clients and for me,” he continues, “Remote Director is truly a win-win-win situation.”