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Italian Printer Puts Confidence in Muller Martini for Three Decades

Press release from the issuing company

February 14, 2005 -- For 30 years, Rotocalcografica Italiana S.p.A. in Northern Italy, has put its trust in the press delivery technology of Muller Martini. In April of this year, a new "AvantiPlus" horizontal log stacker and integrated Print Roll system went into operation. At Rotocalcografica, printed products are picked up at the web press deliveries by "Floorveyor" conveyors, aligned and then picked up by "Newsveyor" overhead conveyors. The printed signatures are transported over 300 ft. to the "AvantiPlus" horizontal log stacker or they can be diverted into "Universal PrintRolls" for temporary storage or moved to finishing operations. Muller Martini, the only company to offer both bundling and roll storage with single source responsibility, provides this solution for multiple purposes. First, it allows the customer to divert the signature stream to PrintRoll when finishing requires unbundled signatures for offline secondary operations. From the PrintRoll, the signatures can automatically be fed into stitching lines, perfect binding lines or into a rotary trimming application to reduce manpower, make ready time and waste all while increasing the productivity of the finishing process. Secondly, in the event that there is a problem in the bundling process or bundle strapper, the software of the system automatically diverts the signature stream to the PrintRoll system while adjustments are made, allowing the press to continue to print and with no loss of good product. The “AvantiPlus” log stacker handles page counts from 8-96 pages and press speeds up to 120,000 c/h. Fully automatic make-ready via JDF or via touch screen job management system is setting all job parameters. “AMRYS” moves 10 motorized axes, along with the automatic endboard feeder and completely automates the make-ready process. When JDF/JMF interactive communication is required, Muller Martini’s exclusive MACOS module control and visualization system interfaces the press delivery system with the plant MIS system. The 443 palletizer is designed to provide flexible palleting solutions due to its modular design. The 443 accepts logs from the “AvantiPlus”, palletizes multiple layers with slip sheets automatically dispensed between layers and then moves the full pallets to the holding position, where they are removed by a manual or remote-controlled, automatic forklift truck. Four reasons for purchasing from Muller Martini: According to Franco Mascarello-Managing Director, there were four reasons for the decision to buy a solution from Muller Martini: "First, we already had confidence in the reliability of Muller Martini machines. Second, they make the best log stacker in the world. Third, Muller Martini always matches each new system perfectly to customer requirements. And finally, Muller Martini gives us outstanding service."