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New Goss M-600 commercial press enhancements

Press release from the issuing company

January 24th 2005 – Following the successful introduction of the new Goss M-600 D commercial web press at drupa, Goss International has applied its advanced features to the entire M-600 press series. The most significant improvements involve speed increases for all models, enhanced folder designs, shaftless drive technology, two new cut-off options and a new management control platform, the Goss Web Center control system. All improvements are designed specifically to optimize press output, by reducing makeready times and waste, without compromising the renowned reliability of the series established over the past 12 years. “Since it was launched in 1992, the M-600 press has built a worldwide reputation for excellent printing quality, reliability and flexibility. Almost 2000 printing units are installed today, working in a wide variety of applications from magazines to jobbing print,” says Antoine Chevalier, Commercial Web Product Manager at Goss. “We are confident that the new and enhanced range of Goss M-600 presses will build on this success and bring higher levels of value to our customers.” The Goss M-600 series consists of three models, M-600 A, M-600 C and M-600 D, all 16-page presses with speeds of 45,000, 55,000 and 70,000 copies per hour, respectively. Printing Quality The three models include the same printing unit, offering unique features such as 15 large diameter inker rollers featuring convertible inking and dampening capabilities. These provide exceptional ink coverage precision and meet a variety of complex lithographic challenges. In addition, each Goss M-600 model features in-line cylinder stack for minimal vibration, cylinder bearers and rigid frames for ultimate rigidity and durability and advanced temperature control. Each model also provides the premium print and fold quality required by the most demanding markets. Increased speed Speed increases are a key feature of the new Goss M-600 range, particularly on the M-600 D press, which utilizes a new Goss JF-70 pin folder equipped with high performance rotary choppers. This folder ensures precise operation at press speeds up to 70,000 copies per hour. Similar folder advances have been made on the Goss M-600 A and Goss M-600 C presses, providing a speed increase of 5,000 copies per hour for each model. Shaftless precision The new generation Goss M-600 press series is fully shaftless, giving greater control over web position from unit to unit and easy expansion possibilities. Shaftless multidrive technology also reduces mechanical maintenance and allows simpler integration with auxiliary equipment. More printable area, less waste Utilizing the conventional configuration, with gapped blankets and pin folders, Goss M-600 presses provided a large printable area. This is achieved by the use of a ‘microgap’ on the blanket cylinders (only 7mm) and two new cut-offs, geared specifically to popular product sizes. These changes reduce the amount of trim waste during a run and make a major contribution to the overall waste efficiency of the new press series. Automation Featuring Goss Web Center controls, the new Goss M-600 presses are highly automated to provide fast job start-up and changeover times as well as consistent controlled operation during a run. The Web Center control system is a modular system that allows printers to optimize web offset production management, reducing waste and makeready times. The Goss Omnicon press control system and the Omni Color color control system form the heart of the system. Using touch-screen efficiency, the Web Center control system provides total control of the press, automates sequences such as water/ink balance and provides sophisticated management data to ensure optimum operation and waste saving. In addition, Omni Makeready ensures communication between closed loop register, cut-off and color control systems to reduce makeready times and waste. Due to the modularity of the new Goss Web Center controls, optional modules can be added to provide additional levels of control. These include: Prepress Interface – automated ink key setting from CIP3 or CIP4/JDF data Omni Presetting – automatic presetting based on saved jobs as well as customized or standard formats. Omni Reporting module – reports in real time on the status of the press (speed, timing, usage and waste of consumables or events like splices, web breaks and blanket washes) and communicates this production data directly to a Management Information System via Omni Link. Automatic plate changing The Goss Autoplate automatic plate changing system allows all plates on any M-600 press to be changed simultaneously in just two minutes. With an eight-year history of success, the Autoplate system, developed for the M-600 press, has been perfected for the full range of Goss commercial presses. Operated from the press console, it delivers the fastest job changeovers possible, in conjunction with the other pre-setting and timesaving technologies on the Goss M-600 series. “The entire philosophy behind the design of this enhanced press series has been to maximize press utilization, product quality and production flexibility,” confirms Antoine. “The proof that we have succeeded in this mission could be seen at drupa. On the show floor, the M-600 D press averaged just 800 copies of waste during makeready. It ran at full production speed of 70,000 copies per hour and took less than three minutes to change jobs. This astonishing result was only made possible by the integration of the key elements of the press though the new Goss Web Center controls – the brain of the M-600 series, rather than the heart. “The impact of its operation brings numerous advantages – waste reduction, time and workforce savings, downtime reduction and overall improved efficiency – exactly what is needed to maintain profitability in a competitive market,” concludes Antoine Chevalier. In addition to these improvements, Goss M-600 series press lines now incorporate innovative Ecocool dryer technology, first introduced on the Goss Sunday 4000 range. This integrates the cooling system, silicon coater and web guide into a single small-footprint unit, improving operational efficiency and product quality through better thermal exchange. With this enhanced product line Goss International is able to answer to printer needs from the very short run environment to the long run job with no compromise on printing quality.