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Oce Partners With Colex to Provide Complete Workflow Solution

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CHICAGO, Nov. 30 -- Oce has teamed with Colex Imaging Inc. of Paramus, NJ, to offer a complete workflow solution for wide format digital photo printing applications that streamlines the image nesting and trimming processes. The complete workflow solution package consists of Onyx Graphics software to prepare the files to be imaged, an Oce LightJet large format photo laser printer to image the files, a Colex processor to develop the imaged media, and a Fotoba cutter to trim the final output. Oce and Colex representatives work together to offer this solution to large format print shops and professional photo labs in the U.S. "The integrated elements from Oce and Colex provide the customer with a comprehensive solution which speeds production and minimizes waste," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for the Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America, Inc. "The cooperation of both companies saves the customer time and helps ensure a faster, smoother system implementation." Complete Solution for Nesting, Imaging, Processing and Trimming Wide Format Photo Prints This combination of hardware and software automates several time-consuming manual processes that print shops and photo labs use to image and finish wide format photo prints. Oce LightJet photo printers can print onto rolls of media up to 50-inches wide on the Oce LightJet 430, and up to 76-inches wide on the Oce LightJet 500XL. These generous widths enable shops to maximize the media area by imaging smaller sizes onto one large sheet. To do this, images must be "nested" to minimize waste. If done manually, nesting is a time- consuming process that can also quickly deplete available computer resources. Onyx Graphics software, including Onyx ProductionHouse(TM) and Onyx PosterShop packages, can automatically nest images to maximize media usage before processing and imaging. The software can also add X-Y cutter marks between the nested images to indicate where they should be trimmed. At the center of this process is the Oce LightJet large format photo laser printer that produces unbeatable quality digital prints using three lasers to image photographic media within an internal drum system. The continuous tone output, which has no dots, has an apparent resolution of 4,000 dpi. Oce LightJet printers use standard photographic media and chemistry. Once the media is imaged, it must be developed. Colex offers the RTK Wide Format DP Series Digital Ready RA4 Processors to develop output from Oce LightJet printers. Colex RTK processors are designed exclusively for large format digital photo output and can develop photo paper or film. They offer process stability and produce uniform processing across the photo material from left to right and from back to front. This is extremely important since processing variation is immediately noticeable in large areas of even tones. On the finishing end, Fotoba cutters are available to trim the developed images. The Fotoba Digitrim cutter reads the cutter marks placed on the imaged media by the software, and automatically trims the images to the correct size. Also available is the Fotoba WR cutter, which reads the X-axis mark automatically and self-corrects by up to 0.5 degrees. On the Y-axis, the Fotoba WR cutter uses slitters that are manually positionable by the operator. Automated trimming reduces labor expense and increases throughput for the busy shop or lab. It also eliminates the human error factor, meaning no prints will need to be re-imaged in case of a bad trim job. Fotoba cutters also support output from roll-based large format inkjet printers including the Oce Arizona 600, Oce Arizona 180 and Oce Arizona 90. Fotoba cutters are part of Colex's product line in the U.S., but are available through Oce when ordered with an Oce large format printer. For more information on Colex products including the Wide Format DP Series Digital Ready RA4 Processor or Fotoba cutters, visit http://www.colex.com . Complete Workflow Solution The Oce LightJet large format photo laser printer, Onyx Graphics software and Fotoba cutter can be purchased directly from Oce. Colex RTK Wide Format DP Series Digital Ready RA4 Processors can be purchased from Colex. Regional Oce and Colex representatives work together to address the customer's equipment needs and to discuss pricing, availability, financing, site specifications and any other details necessary to provide a productive workflow.