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Ricoh and Rosetta Technologies Alliance to Provide Check 21 Compliant Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

SIMI VALLEY, Calif.--Nov. 29, 2004-- Companies Committed to Providing Banking Customers with Efficient and Secure Check 21 Printing Solutions Ricoh Printing Systems America, Inc. (RPSA), a leading provider of high-performance printing systems, and Rosetta Technologies (Rosetta), a leader in secure enterprise printing solutions, today announced product support for banking customers and financial institutions looking for complete "Check 21" printing solutions. The Check Clearing Act for the 21st Century, or "Check 21," changes the process by which banks and financial institutions process and reproduce checks, establishing legal support for banks and financial services companies to implement more advanced and cost-effective item processing. RPSA and Rosetta are working to help banks understand and meet the new requirements for the printing of substitute checks, commonly referred to as Image Replacement Documents, or IRDs. RPSA products, with MICR capability provided by Rosetta, have been designed to meet the needs of Check 21. RPSA MICR printers comply with ANSI and ABA MICR output standards, enabling customers to meet production printing deadlines with high quality magnetic ink documents. The MICR DDP 184 is especially unique for production IRD print applications in that it prints at a full 184 impressions (or up to 276 IRDs) per minute in duplex (printing on both sides of a page). All IRDs require duplex printing. In combination with the MICR DDP 70e, MICR DDP 92 and MICR DDP 184, Rosetta offers IRD Print Director software to aid in the assembly and printing of Image Replacement Documents, a key Check 21 requirement for banks and other financial institutions. The IRD Print Director is a powerful, fully featured print server solution that assembles and prints IRDs, including check images, associated IRD processing data, and MICR line information. It is designed to handle printing in large data centers and service bureaus as well as small regional bank or branch locations. Other key components of solutions offered by RPSA and Rosetta include: -- A range of printers that can be scaled to meet either high-volume production requirements or distributed on demand configurations. -- Flexible paper size and stock capabilities for printing a wide variety of checks and IRDs, including custom paper sizes up to 12" x 18" and IRD formats, such as 8.5" x 17" or 8.5" x 8.5". -- Output control software that allows the import of data in industry standard ANS X.9.100-140-2004 format from any source to any output device with queue management for multiple printers, workflow optimization, job accounting, selected re-print, security and fail-over capability. -- Integrated hardware/software solutions providing re-assembly, assembly, formatting and processing of IRD data files using ANSI standard templates. -- Focused development of production-level MICR printers and cost-effective MICR printers at speeds up to 276 IRDs per minute, and with duty cycles reaching 2,400,000 IRD items per month. -- RPSA products are further supported by the Rosetta MICR Guarantee that insures customers receive the highest quality MICR products and services. -- Support for legacy print streams, custom solutions and on-site service and support. "RPSA and Rosetta Technologies have worked together since 2002 on providing major financial institutions with total solutions," said Mr. Namikawa, president and CEO, Ricoh Printing Systems America. "Our combined strengths in printing hardware, MICR printing and software provide efficient solutions and we are committed to providing both our current customers and potential customers with a range of products that can support the printing requirements defined by the Check 21 legislation." "Check 21 represents an important and significant change in our current banking system, as well as a tremendous opportunity to implement new and more efficient processes and infrastructure that will streamline the way transactions are processed across the system," said Rob Hullar, president of Rosetta Technologies. "In close alliance with RPSA and other thought leaders in the industry, we are committed to providing customers with the information and answers they need, as well as the complete solutions they now require."