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New Oce High-Production Stacker Allows Long, Unattended Print Runs

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CHICAGO, Nov. 16 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today introduced the Oce Double Decker Pro -- a highly productive stacking system with two trays for the efficient delivery of 1,500 large format sheets (750 sheets per tray). The new stacking system has a dual tray design that substantially increases the amount of output that can be accumulated before manual intervention is required. One tray can be emptied while the other is being filled so the print systems can be continuously productive. In combination with the six-roll media capacity of the Oce TDS800 and Oce TDS600, the Oce Double Decker Pro can print and stack large runs of prints overnight for distribution first thing in the morning. Operators can also submit customized finishing requests such as stacking, sorting and job separation, which reduce manual finishing steps for faster availability of drawing sets. The new Oce stacking solution can transform even the most overburdened print center into a highly efficient operation. "Today's printing equipment has evolved to be highly efficient and productive, thereby causing the post-printing finishing operation to become the main bottleneck in the total process. Our customers have been asking for a solution to that dilemma. The Oce Double Decker Pro stacker streamlines the finishing process and makes our highly productive print systems even more productive by optimizing the total workflow," said Joyce Virnich, Vice President of Marketing for the Oce Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America, Inc. The Oce Double Decker Pro was designed for Oce's most productive large format systems including the Oce TDS800 and Oce TDS600 systems. Oce offers another version -- the Oce Double Decker stacking system -- for the Oce 9800, Oce 9700 and Oce 9600 systems. Intelligent Tray Selection and Streamlined Workflow Integration with the Oce Power Logic controller creates a number of productivity advantages for the Oce Double Decker Pro that optimize workflow processes. For example, users can configure the system for intelligent tray selection. The stacker can switch trays for each job or each set so the operator can take out the previous job or set without disturbing the printing process. Users can decide to have all print jobs stacked on the upper tray while copy jobs are stacked on the lower tray or program which media sizes are to be delivered to the lower and upper trays, whichever would best accommodate their needs. The stacking system will also automatically stop printing and notify an operator when both trays are full. Additionally, after each set or job, operators can have a separation sheet inserted to distinguish between print requests. As one option, users can insert a separation sheet from a colored roll to easily differentiate sets. Another alternative is to have the first sheet of each set extended to differentiate where the new set starts. Operators thereby save time distinguishing between sets and reduce delivery errors. Stacking Accuracy and Built-in Reliability for Heavy Duty Jobs Magnetic alignment guides make stacking accuracy virtually fool-proof. Proper alignment of print sets is critical when handling large quantities of large format prints before rolling or stapling. The alternative -- manual "jogging" of prints -- is a difficult, time-consuming and awkward process. Both Oce Double Decker systems eliminate the need for jogging by guiding prints precisely on top of other prints in the job, thereby speeding the finishing process and making it easier to meet tight time deadlines. These systems have been designed for heavy duty work and maximum uptime to match the award-winning productivity of Oce large format multifunction printing systems. The paper path of the new stackers travels along a ribbed coated metal plating, virtually eliminating the chance of paper jams, even in humid conditions. Finally, the stacker is positioned directly behind the printer and attached by large wheels that slide into a groove for a fixed and stable position in case the machine is jarred or bumped. "Finishing bottlenecks no longer have to take a toll on printing deadlines or people. The new Oce stacking systems are extremely robust. They're built to ease the burden of time, labor and error by automating a number of mundane finishing requirements that typically strain a print center," Virnich concluded. Availability The Oce Double Decker Pro and Oce Double Decker stacking systems are now available. For more information, call 800-714-4427 or visit http://www.oceusa.com .