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Global Graphics Wins Prestigious Xplor Award For Technology

Press release from the issuing company

Centreville, US and Cambridge UK, 26 October 2004: Global Graphics, a leading developer of technology for open document and print solutions, has won the Xplor Technology Application of the Year award with its print-ready PDF file submission software Jaws PDF Courier. Global Graphics collected the award at a special ceremony held at the Global Electronic Document Systems Conference and Exhibit in Dallas. The Xplor Technology of the Year award recognizes outstanding achievement in the imaginative application of technology. Jaws PDF Courier bridges the gap that exists today for reliable, simple document delivery and print output. “Xplor chose it from a strong field of submissions and Jaws PDF Courier represents a unique implementation of electronic document systems technology,” said Skip Henk, EDP, president & CEO of Xplor, International. Global Graphics’ COO, Jim Freidah, commented, “This is a fantastic accolade for our development teams who work behind the scenes in keeping our technology at the leading edge. “ “Jaws PDF Courier is a very innovative software development kit that ensures the simple, accurate, and cost-effective delivery of print-ready files by providing the print buyer with a powerful PDF creation and pre-flighting tool in a very simple and easy-to -use package; by providing the print supplier with a very easy-to-deploy highly -automated and efficient print server and workflow for the receipt of print files; and by providing the systems integrator with a toolkit which allows them to implement a Jaws PDF Courier system within just hours.” Jaws PDF Courier is a highly configurable software development kit (SDK) that enables corporate or commercial print service providers to build and deploy a custom-branded, cost-effective PDF file submission system to their clients -- as a download from their website or delivered on a CD. It includes functionality that permits seamless integration with browser-based applications that provide web-based job ticketing, confirmation, tracking, auditing and billing systems. The comprehensive set of software tools provided with the Jaws PDF Courier SDK enables the print provider to implement a sophisticated and easy-to-use workflow designed to provide a fast return on investment. The Jaws PDF Courier SDK includes: client-side preflighting; 128-bit encryption for secure delivery on any media; support for PDF1.4 and PDF/X, all of which serve to make highly automated efficient workflows a reality for virtually any print service provider and any production workflow -- from corporate in-plant and quick printing to digital printing and CTP for high-end applications. The preflighting option in Jaws PDF Courier can prevent content creators from sending a file to their print provider until it passes the certification process. The software performs a thorough check of the PDF file according to settings pre-defined by the print provider, repairs most errors, and provides the users with details needed to correct any remaining errors. Because preflighting is carried out at the customer site where the original file is located, any errors can be repaired more quickly, easily and cheaply. As a result, printers receive files they can produce successfully and efficiently. Global Graphics develops technology for open document and print solutions and is a leading supplier of RIPs, PDF document, workflow and color solutions for OEMs, system integrators and software developers. In addition to the Jaws PDF technology Global Graphics is the company behind the Harlequin and Jaws RIPs.