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Global Graphics launches new developer tool for customised PDF creation

Press release from the issuing company

From today software developers and system integrators can use a new tool to incorporate PDF creation capability into their own or their customers’ applications with the introduction of the Jaws PDF Creator software development kit (SDK) from Global Graphics, the technology experts in open document and print solutions. Jaws PDF Creator SDK opens up Global Graphics’ PDF creation technology to those developers looking to add simple but powerful customized PDF creation to applications and workflows as well as to large organizations who want to deploy PDF creation across their business processes. Its introduction expands the Company’s suite of PDF developer solutions and follows the launch earlier this year of the SDK version of Jaws PDF Editor, Global Graphics’ technology for PDF file rendering, interaction, mark up and manipulation. Jaws PDF Creator SDK supports programmatic selection of PDF configuration and silent PDF file generation from any application. “Our strategy is to make the functionality of our core PDF technologies readily accessible to developers”, says Ralph Lloyd, Global Graphics’ VP of product marketing. “This toolkit requires little development overhead resulting in rapid implementation. PDF creation capability can be customized into any application and incorporated into any workflow. “ The Jaws PDF Creator SDK allows users to convert documents from virtually any application into the universal PDF file format that retains the exact format, graphics, fonts and color of the original and allows them to be opened by anyone using a PDF viewing application. The self-contained and compact PDF files can be distributed, viewed, edited, stored, published onto web sites and CD-ROMs, and printed on any printer. Key features include: The ability to add a ‘one click’ PDF creation button to any application Programmatic control of PDF configuration so that files are automatically optimised for high-resolution printing, printing to desktop printers, web publishing, archiving etc. PostScript to PDF conversion providing high-quality rendering; robust font support; and, support for PDFmarks resulting in intelligent PDF files containing document structure features such as bookmarks and hyperlinks Silent installation routine so that it is easy to roll out across a network Flexible workflow trigger options allow PDF creation to be added seamlessly anywhere in a workflow application Flexible end-user interaction options allow the software developer or system integrator to determine the level of user interaction High-level security and performance Jaw PDF Creator SDK supports the PDF 1.4 specification and 128-bit encryption to enable a high level of flexibility and security. CIE based color spaces, such as CalGray, CalRBG, -Lab or ICC profiles, are all stored within the Jaws PDF file. The software also contains reliable font embedding, and powerful image compressing capabilities. Files created using the Jaws PDF Creator SDK open quickly when downloaded from the Web, owing to a linearization feature that displays the first page of the PDF document immediately, while the rest of the file continues to download at speed behind it. Growing suite of developer tools Global Graphics Software offers a comprehensive range of PDF developer solutions, which can be used by various levels of application and integration developers. These include: Jaws PDF Editor SDK: enables developers using languages that support COM automation to include PDF file rendering, interaction, markup and manipulation in their applications Jaws PDF Courier: makes highly automated, efficient workflows a reality for virtually any print service provider and any production workflow. The SDK is an electronic document delivery toolkit, incorporating preflighting technology so that print service providers can make PDF creation and preflighting available to their customer while maintaining a high degree of control over how those files are produced. A range of PDF creation technologies allowing PostScript/EPS/PDF to PostScript/EPS/PDF translation, to be embedded within third party products or solutions Compatibility and availability The Jaws PDF Creator SDK is provided as a single DLL and can be used in most software application development environments. It is available for the Windows platform including: Windows 98SE; Windows Me; Windows 2000; Windows XP; and, Windows 2003 Server. Jaws PDF Creator SDK can be obtained from software application developers, system integrators, and direct from Global Graphics. For further information please visit http//:www.globalgraphics.com or email Global Graphics Software on [email protected]