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Esko-Graphics demonstrates its new Scope workflow at Graph Expo

Press release from the issuing company

Booth 4017, Graph Expo 2004, Chicago, IL – October 10, 2004 - Esko-Graphics, the world leader in pre-production tools for the packaging industry and commercial printing, and a resolute proponent of open, standard systems, will demonstrate Scope, the most advanced workflow environment extending and integrating its many software products for commercial print and packaging service providers. Mixing and matching from a broad portfolio of advanced software components, Scope workflow configurations are specifically matched to the application, process and business needs of individual customers. Esko-Graphics will be presenting real-world examples of Scope workflows for a wide range of market segments: commercial printing; book, catalogs and magazine printing; tags & labels; flexible packaging; folding cartons; corrugated converting; and displays and POP. Scope cornerstones “Scope covers a wide range of functions, from job and product specification, through graphic and structural design and expert pre-production operations, to platemaking for printing and toolmaking for converting,” comments Mark Vanover, Esko-Graphics North America director of marketing. “Scope adds capabilities for project coordination, digital asset management and distributed proofing and approval, enabling the many partners and stakeholders across the supply chain to communicate and collaborate globally, effectively and in real time.” The Scope framework leads to system configurations that easily adapt to the specifics of individual businesses, and facilitate communication and collaboration across the supply chain in a global networked environment. Scope workflows consistently use recognized industry data formats for smooth integration with existing software and business applications, and ensure a platform for future evolution. Scope components range from smart desktop application plug-ins, through expert workstation software, all the way up to process automation and asset management servers. Other, more peripheral, partners in the supply chain – print buyers, brand and product managers, account managers, financial controllers and operations supervisors – can tap into Scope’s databases and processing resources through easy-to-use, easy-to configure web interfaces, or through standardized JDF and XML links with ERP, plant management or other business systems. Esko-Graphics estimates that the sharing of this information between MIS and production systems can save as much as 25% of costs associated with developing impositions. In fact, JDF is the ideal transportation vehicle to feed the Scope workflow with all the imposition details as defined in the MIS system. Esko-Graphics was instrumental in adding the JDF 1.2 specification to the “stripping” resource, a high-level imposition description. Many MIS suppliers are now implementing upscale added-value integration solutions based on this new JDF feature. Scope for commercial printing In a commercial printing environment, Scope links the traditional prepress functions with sales offices, the pressroom, the finishing and logistics department: the broad capabilities of JDF links are applied for job scheduling, remote viewing and approval, plateroom feedback, and many more. Scope configurations range from simple and straightforward, to more automated and interconnected, reflecting application requirements and business models of various levels of printing companies. For today’s commercial print businesses, rapid response to market demands and meeting customer requirements the first time every time are key to survival. Scope is the comprehensive end-to-end workflow solution that fits these customers’ fast, evolving requirements. Scope facilitates a zero error tolerance manufacturing process to eliminate expensive delays and press schedule disruptions. Scope components add unique functionalities to handle the complex imposition schemes often used in conjunction with large format web presses, to automate the management of content and language versions, and to proof longer multi-page documents such as books, magazines and catalogs in a fast and cost effective way. Scope for packaging Esko-Graphics has its historic roots in pre-production software, providing expert tools required for consistent volume reproduction of a design. Scope pushes workflow coverage both upwards and downwards into the supply chain. For example, Scope embraces the most popular desktop applications such as Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat and turns them into fully featured clients. Desktop users thus can interact with each other and with CAD and graphics experts, launch tasks on Scope servers, and access project information stored in centralized databases. Scope seamlessly integrates graphics and structural design with production and project management. Detailed job specifications and parameters are defined from the start, and are automatically applied throughout the entire process to ensure standards-based, error-free processing. Scope’s BackStage workflow server is also JDF enabled. This means that any server task can be initiated from a JDF ticket. For example, BackStage can receive requests to generate step and repeat layouts specified by trade shop operators or customers at remote locations. Another powerful visual collaboration tool is based on the combination between the product itself (supplied as a solid 3D model), a label applied onto it and an outer package designed around it, with full graphics, realistic 3D rendering and interactive remote viewing.