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WAM!NET Announces Availability of Upgraded Transmission Director X (TDX) File Transfer Software

Press release from the issuing company

Bloomington, MN – October 10, 2004 – WAM!NET, a division of SAVVIS Communications and provider of content management and distribution services, today announced the broad availability of Transmission Director X (TDX) version 1.2. TDX is a workflow application for use with Direct! and Direct! IP services, and was designed specifically to operate with Windows XP, Windows 2000 and Macintosh OS 10.3.X. operating systems. WAM!NET TDX allows users to easily send and receive files with the click of a mouse. “Most comparable software packages require the investment of a great deal of money for multiple copies or site licenses,” states Cindy Bergevin, WAM!NET vice president, marketing. “Transmission Director, with all of its user-friendly workflow features, is provided free to anyone subscribing to WAM!NET Direct! Services. Enhancements to version 1.2 of TDX include: • Significantly improved transfer rates. • Unified Service Login Model – To enhance security and provide better accuracy and control, individual users of TDX v1.2 designate a unique service login, the same service login used to access all other WAM!NET services. • http and ftp support for Transport API – File transfer options to the WAM!NET “Purple Box” now include http and ftp. As Easy as Point-and-Click TDX is based on a simple, easy-to-use drag-and-drop design requiring virtually no training. Its intuitive program ensures simple digital delivery, even for novice operators. Highlights include electronic job tickets with standard industry specific templates, plug-ins for automatic collect- for-output, job tracking by job number and client ID, and more. Automatic Address Book and Outbaskets TDX is provided with an Address Book or Outbaskets to send files. The Address Book lists all approved trading partners for sending and receiving packages via WAM!NET. For frequent file destinations, Outbaskets are even faster than Address Books. The user simply creates desktop icons for the destinations of choice, and files are dragged and dropped to send them. From there, TDX oversees file delivery, moving files to the Outgoing Queue on the WAM!NET Purple Box. Hot jobs can be given priority, automatically pushing the file package to the front of the Outgoing Queue. Or, the delivery can be scheduled for later – particularly useful for completed jobs where partners or clients have requested that the files arrive at a specific time. The user is alerted (a customizable sound or flashing message) when the file has left the local site and moved onto the WAM!NET network. Job Tickets Electronic job tickets allow users to send all the vital information associated with a job in one digital package. Important facts such as job number and customer ID, output instructions, and other notes can be included along with the file. Custom job tickets can be produced based on a specific workflow. TDX includes standard industry specific job ticket templates for prepress, printing, digital ads, print production, publishing, and newspapers. The user can also pre-fill information and reuse it as often as desired. Receiving Files When an incoming package arrives, the user is notified by an alert, and views the details of the package in TDX. Incoming job tickets can also be viewed and printed. TDX 1.2 is available on the "Software Downloads" area of the WAM!NET Info Center (http://ic.wamnet.com/). When downloaded, users simply load TDX onto their desktops, and they’re ready to go. “Transmission Director is designed to make it easier for users to get more work done, move data fast, beat tight deadlines, and collaborate with customers and vendors. And, it will shortly enable JDF communications along the print supply chain. If a company works with large amounts of sensitive data, WAM!NET’s managed network service with TDX is still the best way to assure delivery and security,” adds Melissa Fox, WAM!NET marketing director, Print and Publishing. “And, soon, due to our association with SAVVIS Communications, we will be bundling additional communications services at very attractive prices.”