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RISO Introduces New RZ Printer-Duplicator Series

Press release from the issuing company

DANVERS, MA, Oct. 6, 2004 – RISO, Inc., a worldwide leader in digital printing solutions, introduces a new series of Printer-Duplicators, the RZ. Comprised of three models, the RZ390, RZ310 and RZ220, the series incorporates the latest in technological advances and breakthroughs in digital duplicating technology. With the RZ printer-duplicators come a host of new features and benefits including RISO’s revolutionary i Quality SystemTM. This patented technology provides automatic two-way communication between the duplicators and their supplies – inks and masters, via tiny integrated RF tags embedded in the ink bottle and master roll. “The unveiling of our new RZ Series and the RISO i Quality System reflects our commitment to provide innovative digital printing technologies that combine productivity, versatility and cost-effectiveness, all the while keeping total customer satisfaction our priority,” said Kevin Hunter, Director of Sales Support for RISO, Inc. RISO i Quality System Developed by RISO and available exclusively in RISO’s new RZ series, the RISO i Quality System provides a host of important benefits never before available in a Printer-Duplicator. The RISO i Quality System continually monitors the ambient properties of the Printer-Duplicator and its supplies to ensure the highest output quality in every print. Other functions of the RISO i Quality System include alerts to users before any shortages in ink and masters occur, and prevention of improper loading of supplies. Because many key functions are watched over automatically, less operator intervention is required for optimum production. RZ390 and RZ310 Printer-Duplicators The RZ390 is the first and only RISO Printer-Duplicator that prints a ledger-sized image at 130 pages per minute. Packed with cutting-edge features, the RZ390 provides advanced performance and print quality in an affordable 11”x17” printer. The RZ390 is ideal for printing high-quality newsletters, calendars, posters, menus and more, in color, and on paper sizes ranging from 3.5” x 5.5” to 11” x 17” and on paper stock from 13# bond to 110# index. The RZ310 Printer-Duplicator offers color, high speed, versatility and advanced performance features and offers an economical letter-size imaging system. The RZ310 prints in a palette of colors at 130 pages per minute, on a wide variety of paper stocks from 13# carbonless to 110# card stock. The RZ310 is an ideal solution to print flyers, brochures, multi-part forms, rate sheets, menus, letterhead, business cards, envelopes and more. Both RZ310 and RZ390 offer RISO’s new 600e dpi specification. This feature delivers output quality comparable to 600 dpi without the associated costs inherent in true 600 dpi models. How this feature works is the RZ scans the image at 300 x 600 dpi. The software within the thermal imaging system then automatically determines how the perforations in the master will be calculated and placed depending upon the image itself. The resulting output is 600e x 600 dpi. RZ220 Printer-Duplicator The RZ220 combines high speed – 130 pages per minute – with low operating costs and outstanding reliability. These features enable users to double or even triple output without increasing printing expenditures. The RZ220 also offers the capability to add spot color to generate excitement and increase retention. The RZ220 accommodates a variety of paper stocks from bond to index, including newsprint, construction paper, postcards and envelopes, and prints an image area up to 8.5” x 14”. All three models have a new, intuitive operator layout making them some of the simplest duplicators to use. The master making unit pulls out like a drawer, allowing easy placement of a fresh master roll.