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ICS Remote Director Flash Proof shows interaction between substrate, inks and lighting onscreen

Press release from the issuing company

Chicago; October 10, 2004 — Integrated Color Solutions (ICS), the technology leader in providing monitor color proofing solutions, today announced Remote Director Flash Proof, a new software plug-in that employs cutting-edge technologies enabling users to manipulate a proof to view the interaction between substrate, coatings and lighting onscreen, in a virtual light booth. The new Flash Proof option to ICS’ contract monitor proofing system will be available from Remote Director resellers in late 2004. Remote Director Flash Proof employs two cutting-edge technologies to simulate light reflecting off the substrate. Flash Proof allows users to tilt images back and forth on-screen, in the same way one physically tilts a hard proof to view its gloss or sheen. Viewers are able to accurately see how light reacts or reflects off specialty varnishes, inks and metallic surfaces. “Remote Director Flash Proof lets users rotate and bend a proof, in a virtual light booth, to accurately see its metallic inks, varnish, and other surface characteristics as if it were physically in hand,” said John Sweeney, ICS Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Remote Director Flash Proof goes where no proofing system has gone before. The opportunity for designers to experiment with value-added metallic inks and gloss and dull coatings on a variety of substrates, and for printers to proof them using customers’ files, will make it an invaluable design, sales and production tool.” The technologies underlying the cutting edge viewing options in Flash Proof are called Environment DNA Format (EDF) and Substrate DNA Format (SDF). EDF images are super-dynamic in that they provide simulated lighting to reflect off the proof substrate. SDF is a multidirectional reflection aggregation feature that accounts for all the data from the colors applied to the substrate no matter what angle the proof is tilted in its environment. When used together, both technologies accurately simulate light reflecting off a press sheet as though it were physically in hand. The Remote Director Flash Proof plug-in runs seamlessly within Remote Director v3.0. The software option can be used with both Macintosh & Windows-based computers in the same proofing session, and “localization enabled” to accept languages from around the world. Remote Director Flash Proof combined with the new v3.0’s (RDV3) features & functionalities completes the entire production process, from concept to print, enabling users to confidently transition to an all digital workflow – one that displays color accurately, and in different lighting conditions. “With the Remote Director Flash Proof option, ICS delivers a level of proofing that is unequaled by any other in use today,” added Jeffrey Silverman, ICS President and CEO. “Flash Proof instantly widens our market breadth by providing the ultimate solution for high-end printing and the packaging industry around the world.”