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KPG Brings Digital And Business Solutions To Graph Expo

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Chicago, Illinois, USA - Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) features integrated digital and business solutions for printers of all types and sizes at Graph Expo 2004. Booth 4031 spotlights KPG's new and established products and technologies in categories such as computer-to-plate (CtP), digital halftone, monitor and inkjet proofing, direct imaging (DI), digital printing, workflow, color management software, data storage, and more. "As our customers continue to evolve their businesses, KPG offers a broad range of innovative solutions to meet their changing needs and help make them more profitable," said Andrew Copley, President, KPG Americas. "With our comprehensive product portfolio - backed by the experience, expertise and ideas of our people - we can match our technologies with the specific needs of each customer, providing the right solutions to meet their business goals and objectives." Among the many daily activities, KPG will show color control throughout the workflow and across multiple proofing and output devices. KPG's broad portfolio of proofing solutions - including the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System, RealTimeProof products, and the Matchprint ProofPro RIP Version 1.0, as well as the DirectPress 5634 DI System and digital printing equipment - will be powered by KPG color management tools. The Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System, calibrated to produce identical proofs, will also be featured. The same version of various images will be reproduced to demonstrate color control across all of the devices. Launches at Graph Expo KPG products introduced at Graph Expo include the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System - LCD. This second generation, SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) certified monitor proofing solution combines the convenience of proofing from a desktop computer with the color and accuracy of the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System and the productivity and collaboration tools of the www.matchprintvirtual.com gateway. The software based, color critical, Matchprint Virtual Proofing System - LCD uses off the shelf approved LCD monitors integrated into a RealTimeProof workflow to deliver contract color monitor proofing. Utilizing high-end flat panel displays, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System - LCD simplifies installation requirements and enables personal proofing. The system consists of a Matchprint Virtual - LCD monitor, or one of the four certified LCD monitors - including the Eizo ColorEdge 21", the Apple Cinema Display 20" (plastic), the New Apple Cinema Display 20" and the New Apple Cinema Display 23", Matchprint Virtual Proofing Monitor Software, a Matchprint Virtual calibrator and the full suite of RealTimeProof web based proofing tools. KPG and Artwork Systems Group NV introduce the Artwork Systems Nexus V8 Workflow with KPG Color Management tools. KPG will integrate this workflow into its computer-to-plate (CtP) and proofing solutions including Screen platesetters, the KPG Matchprint ProofPro Inkjet Proofing System and the Kodak Approval Digital Halftone Proofing System. Initially available in the United States and Canada, the Artworks Systems Nexus V8 workflow with KPG Color Management tools delivers improved color conversions, color matching accuracy, and improved stability in color output on supported computer-to-plate (CtP) and proofing output devices. The new workflow marks the first product from the KPG / Artwork Systems Group NV partnership formed at drupa. KPG unveils a solution that makes premedia data management easier and more affordable, the ExaStore SA Digital Storage System. KPG is the exclusive worldwide graphic arts distributor of the ExaStore system. Customized for the specific needs of the graphic arts industry, the ExaStore SA System is a Network Attached Storage system that complements existing server equipment, allowing users to consolidate their data storage into a single easily upgradeable and managed system. The system uses Serial ATA (SATA) disk drives in a RAID configuration for virtually unlimited capacity and bandwidth, file server consolidation and streamlined management. KPG's U.S. Debuts A number of solutions will have their first U.S. showings by KPG at Graph Expo, including: The KPG DirectPress 5634 DI System, which combines industry leading image quality with the simplicity and automation of a DI Press. The DirectPress 5634 system increases print quality by supporting 16-micron spot diameters for FM stochastic screening and also prints in high line AM and hybrid screening. The KPG DirectPress 5634 DI System further enhances efficiency through the new Kodak Polychrome Graphics DirectWorks, KPG's first workflow software. A new addition to KPG's production portfolio, the Kodak NexPress 2100 digital production color press. The NexPress 2100 is a high volume production color press that meets the growing need for fast turnaround, short run color work, as well as the growing variable data print applications associated with one to one marketing applications. The recently-introduced Matchprint ProofPro RIP Version 1.0 and Matchprint ProofPro Media for users of the latest inkjet printers from HP, Epson and Canon worldwide. Matchprint ProofPro RIP and Matchprint ProofPro Media provide an easy-to-use source of accurate and consistent proofs from a variety of inkjet printers, for multiple applications throughout the workflow. The KPG Matchprint ProofPro 2610 inkjet printer, also shown with KPG DirectWorks. KPG's Matchprint ProofPro 2610 printer, which uses ProofPro inks and Matchprint media, brings quality output and excellent reliability to inkjet proofing. Ideally suited for the four-up CtP market, the user-friendly printer ensures accurate and long lasting results from proof to proof. In addition to solutions currently available, KPG presents technology demonstrations of the Kodak Polychrome Graphics Color Fidelity System and the Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System. The Color Fidelity System enables customers to easily automate critical color management operations from capture to output and benefit from efficiency-based cost savings and higher image quality. Used to capture, view, and reproduce accurate high quality color for print, the Color Fidelity System works with the most popular graphic arts software and provides a consistent method for the proofing and communication of both RGB and CMYK. The Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System, an extension in the Matchprint Virtual Proofing line, is designed for installation directly into the pressroom. The system creates a completely digital workflow that allows virtual proofing to extend to the printer. With the Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System, the same proof can be viewed in the pressroom for use during the print run. To demonstrate its effectiveness in providing a proof on press, the Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System will be integrated with the KPG DirectPress 5634 DI System. Established Digital Solutions and Industry Support Along with Matchprint Virtual - LCD and the Matchprint Virtual Press Side Proofing System, KPG's booth will include additional demonstrations of monitor and remote proofing via its RealTimeProof lines. Other solutions on display include the Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System, KPG Thermal Direct Non Process Plate technology, SWORD Excel Thermal printing plates, and the Canon CLC 1180 and 5100 digital color printers. Also at Graph Expo, KPG will team with Apple to present and discuss the latest trends in color accurate monitor proofing at a special seminar on Monday, October 11, at 12:30 p.m. in room S404BC. Attendees will learn how monitor proofing reduces costs, improves productivity and drives color consistency by creating a truly digital workflow and bringing affordable color proofing to the desktop. KPG continues its long standing support of higher education at Graph Expo. The company will donate the Kodak Approval NX Digital Color Imaging System from the show floor to the Rochester Institute of Technology. "KPG's portfolio offers an expansive product portfolio for customers at various stages along the transition to digital," said Copley. "We look forward to demonstrating our technologies and sharing our expertise at Graph Expo to help customers create new and profitable business opportunities with digital solutions."