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cBrain Offers Hosting of VDP Solutions

Press release from the issuing company

Marlborough, Massachusetts, September 21, 2004 -- cBrain now offers to host your Variable Digital Print Solutions (VDP) including Database Management, enabling you to service your end-users with a unique value proposition. End-users create data sheets, brochures, invitations, business cards, etc. by adding content directly and do not have to wait for help from an internal desktop publishing group and/or advertising agency. The new cBrain BPM tool makes it possible to create, edit and compile XSL style sheets and isolate and correct possible syntax errors and when error free, immediately produce a PDF document for verification of look-and-feel. The result is a template which can then be uploaded to the cBrain Digital Print Solution and made available for end-users to add content to produce professionally looking collateral materials on the WEB. Only the person creating the XSL style sheets needs to be familiar with the corporate design guidelines for collateral materials. Corporate standards such as color, fonts, type treatments (kerning, tracking etc.), bleeds, traps, crop marks are all programmed into the style sheet templates. The templates are produced ONCE and the end-users will only have to add content. The BPM tool is not sold separately but is an integral part of our Digital Print Solution. The end-user providing the content can assume full proofing responsibility by producing a lower resolution PDF on the WEB that will reflect the look-and-feel of the final high-resolution print ready PDF document. Workflow options for getting the PDF file to the printer are tailored to each customer’s needs. cBrain got into digital printing based upon actual customer requirements for a new and different business process for producing collateral materials. We focus mostly on companies that want tight control of the branding look-and-feel of all collateral materials and at the same time empower the content providers (end-users with no desktop publishing experience). It is our experience that end-users this way will be able to produce 70-80% of all data sheets, brochures, invitations, business cards and other collateral materials at a low cost with punch. If a PDF document is to be published to the WEB, the system will automatically reduce the document to a lower resolution (72 dpi) and converts CMYK to RGB. The original document and pictures remain at their uploaded resolution in case a high-resolution print will be made later on. Our customers include Sonofon, Carlberg, FLS Industries, British Tourist Industry, Clear Channel, Emperion and many other private and public organizations.