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JDF Interoperability Highlights JDF Pavilion at Graph Expo

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RESTON, VA (September 20, 2004) - The International Cooperation for the Integration of Processes in Prepress, Press, and Postpress (CIP4) Organization and Graphic Arts Show Company (GASC) today announced that JDF Pavilion at the upcoming GRAPH EXPO(r) and CONVERTING EXPO(r) 2004 event is filling quickly with CIP4 member companies eager to showcase the interoperability of their JDF-enabled products. JDF Pavilion will offer GRAPH EXPO and CONVERTING EXPO attendees an opportunity to learn more about JDF technology, see interoperability demonstrations showcasing the efficiencies that can be achieved through the use of JDF-enabled products, attend presentations by JDF experts, and network with developers currently implementing this new technology. The upcoming GRAPH EXPO(r) and CONVERTING EXPO(r) 2004 event is scheduled for October 10 - 13, 2004 in Chicago. JDF Pavilion will consist of 14 stations or "pods," where attendees can actually see real-world scenarios that demonstrate the automated exchange of job instructions from one piece of equipment control software to another. Thus the equipment and software being controlled instantly share complete information about the file and the entire print job, from quantity, to specification, to cost, to delivery information. This transmission between unassociated pieces of equipment is just one aspect of the use of JDF that provides advantages to printing plants. Exhibitors participating in JDF Pavilion include: Adobe Agfa Creo, Inc. Dalim Software EFI Global Graphics Software Group Logic, Inc. Heidelberg LithoTechnics Pty Limited Müller Martini Prism Group Holdings Ltd Screen Vio Worldwide Limited WAM!NET Inc. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to participate in six different JDF Pavilion Demonstration Tours, which will demonstrate how JDF/JMF job tickets can be exchanged and acted upon in specific ways by multiple vendors. (JDF Pavilion Media Tours will be scheduled for October 10-12, 2004 at 12:45 pm each day.) During the JDF Pavilion Demonstration Tours, attendees will witness these potential benefits: * Elimination of rekeying customer specifications and elimination of paper job tickets * Automation of both business and production processes * Inter-vendor interoperability and integration without the expense of custom programming * More precise job and costing data and immediate adaptability to job changes and late changes * Automated initiation of production process via device-to-device integration, command, and control * The ability to get a better "big picture" of all jobs in production, improving management control * The ability to move jobs into and through production faster and more accurately Each tour will demonstrate a different scenario. One tour shows how an international bank promotes its worldwide brand image by integrating multiple JDF-enabled pre-press workflows, project management, and MIS systems for automatically distributed print production on a global basis. In another tour, a multinational Manhattan-based corporation demonstrates a new distributed cellular registration program by integrating JDF-enabled creative and pre-press workflow systems with distributed digital print production suppliers via secure delivery. In yet other tours, a monthly magazine implements a system that integrates MIS with publication imposition workflow and uses secure delivery to a remote plate setting service supplier; JDF-enabled MIS, pre-press workflow, and an automatic layout calculator integrate with Internet content delivery; and combinations of JDF-enabled creative, print production planning, pre-press workflow, MIS, and post-press systems deliver automation and show cost control and productivity gains while maintaining very high quality. "JDF plays a critical role in making process automation more accessible and affordable for printers, prepress services, and their customers by providing a standardized architecture for process automation, a metadata language to support the entire lifecycle of print jobs, and a command and control language for driving devices on the shop floor," noted James E. Harvey, executive director of CIP4 organization, sponsor of JDF Pavilion. "We're proud to be providing this key educational opportunity to show printers the benefits of using JDF technology in their workflows, and GRAPH EXPO and CONVERTING EXPO is the perfect venue to reach the most progressive printers in the country this year." Since JDF-enabled solutions will be plentiful throughout the show floor, "JDF Roadmaps" listing company locations on the show floor and the JDF-enabled products that they are demonstrating will be available at JDF Pavilion, on the CIP4 website (in electronic form), and other key distribution points. CIP4 will also offer four free morning and afternoon JDF Show Floor Tours (JDF and Front-Office Systems, JDF and Prepress, JDF in the Pressroom, and JDF and Postpress) leaving from the JDF Pavilion, each with a specific focus and tour stops. GRAPH EXPO and CONVERTING EXPO attendees may register for all CIP4 JDF tours at: http://www.cip4.org/. JDF Pavilion will also feature an information kiosk staffed by the International Prepress Association (IPA) where attendees can learn more about JDF and JDF Expert Certificate training programs and pick up educational materials. Live demonstrations will show how state-of-the-art webinars, which give a comprehensive education of JDF on a wide range of topics, can be easily accessed via the Internet. JDF Pavilion will also include a theater area that will continuously offer a variety of presentations including "JDF Overview" which will be offered several times daily, "The ABCs of JDF" presented by Margaret Motamed, EFI, "JDF and PDF: New standards to automate your workflow" by Adobe, "Now We Have JDF What Do We Do With It?" presented by Alan Darling, Vio Worldwide, among others. These presentations will feature user case studies of pioneering prepress and printing companies who have implemented JDF environments. More information on the JDF Pavilion and on CIP4 can be found by visiting http://www.cip4.org/ including registration forms for JDF Pavilion Media Tours, JDF Pavilion Interoperability Tours and JDF Show Flour Tours. The JDF Pavilion Media Tours will be scheduled for October 10-12, 2004 at 12:45 pm each day.