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Man Roland Launches A New Corporate Logo

Press release from the issuing company

Westmont, Illinois — MAN Roland Inc. is replacing its familiar “blue arch” corporate symbol with a new three-dimensional metallic logo. The change is designed to reflect the technological leadership of the company as well as the financial strength and stability of the company’s parent — the MAN Group. In unveiling the new design to the North American market, Yves Rogivue, CEO of MAN Roland Inc., said that graphic arts practitioners should view the new logo as a hallmark of security for their businesses. “Printers have enough to worry about without looking over their shoulders at their press maker’s financial condition,” he said. “Our new logo represents our strong ties to our parent — the MAN Group — one of the world’s largest and most successful capital equipment resources.” Rogivue went on to topline the structure and operations of the MAN Group, which has a 246-year history as an developer and manufacturer of capital equipment. Today, the MAN Group employs over 64,000 skilled employees, who generated over $17 billion in sales last year. They work for four major manufacturing divisions of which MAN Roland is one. Completing the group are two large service organizations, and four smaller corporations. The printing press division, MAN Roland Druckmaschinen, employs over 9,400 graphic arts professionals and last year registered over $1.8 billion in sales. The company is the world market leader in web offset presses — for newspapers, for commercial printing, for publications. In fact every day, 330 million people read daily newspapers that were printed on MAN Roland presses. “We’re the second largest producer of sheetfed offset presses, but we’re making strides on improving on that position, as you may have learned at drupa,” Rogivue declared. The largest MAN Group enterprise involves commercial vehicle production. Called MAN Nutzfahrzeuge, the division produces MAN trucks and busses that are a top brand in Europe and Asia. It also makes the NEOPLAN busses that have become the standard for luxury coach travel worldwide. Last year MAN Nutzfahrzeuge produced over 55,000 trucks, most of which were long-haul semi trailer tractors. In addition, over 6,000 busses rolled off the MAN assembly lines. Total sales for this division were $8.1 billion last year, up from $7.8 billion in 2002. The MAN Group is also a leader in diesel engines. It owns 70% of the world’s two-stroke main engine market, and a 21% share of the four-stroke market for large ship engines. “It’s interesting that Rudolph Diesel was an employee of MAN in Augsburg when he was making all his high-powered breakthroughs,” Rogivue said. “We have put them to good use.” MAN B&W Diesel employs over 6,000 and last year recorded over $1.6 billion in sales. The fourth MAN Group manufacturing division is MAN Turbo Machines. It provides the world’s most comprehensive range of compressors and turbines — used in power plants and in factories. With just under 2,500 employees, the company grew its sales from $640 million to $690 million last year. On the service side of the business is the MAN Group’s Ferrostaal division. It builds and maintains large-scale industrial facilities, like shipyards and refineries, along with infrastructure improvements like bridges and highways. Last year, it registered $3.4 billion in sales and employed over 6,000 technicians. Rogivue pointed out that the technological leadership exhibited by the parent group’s components bodes well for the printing industry: “All of our divisions exist to continually develop new technologies to bring to market. What’s more, we’re experts at integrating the mechanical and the digital. Knowing that, it becomes easy to see why MAN Roland was the first to bring Computer Integrated Manufacturing to the graphic arts, and why most consider us to be our industry’s technology leader.” The MAN Group’s economic strength was also seen as a positive factor to consider. Fully 90% of the MAN Group’s activities have secured one of the top three places in the industries in which the company participates. “That means we’re in the game to win, and we’re in it for the long haul,” Rogivue said. “That’s important when a printer is investing in capital equipment that will define his company’s production capabilities for years to come.” In terms of its strength in the equity markets, the MAN Group's shares rank among Germany’s blue chips and are a component of the German DAX 30 index. The price of a MAN Group share has increased from under 18 euros to over 30 euros over the past 52 weeks, making it one of the strongest and most profitable stocks in the world. “So when you print with a MAN Roland press, you’re partnering with a company with a sterling reputation, a strong asset base and long-term growth prospects,” Rogivue noted. “In other words, we’ll be there when you need us. ”