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Fujifilm Continues Evolution of Screening Technologies

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VALHALLA, N.Y. (Sept. 13, 2004) – In order to meet the requirement for the practical implementation of printing with FM screening, Fujifilm has developed Taffeta, a new generation of FM screening. “The introduction and prevalence of computer-to-plate technology has caused FM screening to be regarded as a practical and realistic solution for high quality printing,” notes Peter Vanderlaan, Enovation’s group manager, imaging products. “Historically, however, FM screening has not been easy to implement and many printers experience difficulties in adopting this technology. Fujifilm’s Taffeta has greatly improved these issues.” Fujifilm Taffeta incorporates Image Intelligence?, a specially designed, highly sophisticated digital imaging technology, to help printers eliminate moiré, provide more detailed color reproduction, print with more than four colors and reduce ink usage on press. Like Co-Res Screening, Taffeta also employs a graininess optimization algorithm based on simulation using visual characteristics as well as a screen pattern optimization algorithm for both minimizing graininess and maximizing printability. With this new screening technology, users can expect: • Complete elimination of moiré and rosettes • Improved primary and secondary color saturation • Improved image detail reproduction • Reduced waste paper • Improved texture In addition to the above benefits, Fujifilm Taffeta users are also able to achieve reduced unevenness and graininess and improved printability. By adding Taffeta to its product lineup, Fujifilm is able to demonstrate its strength as a leading supplier of CTP technologies by offering the revolutionary Co-Res Screening as well as this new FM screening for high definition printing. “Printers’ requirements for screening technology will differ depending on the production environment and type of job,” explains Vanderlaan. “By offering both of these screening technologies, Enovation is able to provide a flexible solution to customers, allowing them to choose the most suitable solution on a job-by-job basis.” With the introduction of Taffeta, Fujifilm has now developed a complete product line maximized for FM printing, from workflow to screening to proofing and plate products to CTP writing engines. For more information about Fujifilm’s new Taffeta FM screening, please visit www.enovationgraphics.com.