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JetPlate Systems commences selling the World's first Inkjet CTP System

Press release from the issuing company

September 7, 2004 -- You’ve heard about it, read about it, now it’s here ready for sale and immediate installation. JetPlate Systems will be officially unveiling at GraphExpo (booth 4455), the only commercially available inkjet CTP Systems in the World. The largest group of printers, small and medium sized shops, can now afford conventional metal plate CTP. Forget about the $100,000+ price tags associated with laser based CTP, JetPlates CTP systems start at $30,000 for 2-up solutions and $40,000 for 4-up solutions. JetPlates Systems are complete; the pricing includes a computer, RIP, Proofer, Platesetter, Processor and all accessories and start-up consumables. JetPlate’s 4000 2-up system boasts six times the speed and twice the resolution of the beta inkjet CTP devices seen in the past. This has been achieved through rapid improvements in inkjet technology and the new improvements Jetplate has brought through its patented technology. Boasting 150 LPI equivalents, 5 minute platemaking time, and 6 back-up imaging channels. JetPlate’s new products have achieved what the print industry has been waiting for from inkjet CTP – the first commercial quality inkjet CTP systems – high quality, consistent and reliable. JetPlate Partner Alan Brynjolfsson states, “The new High Performance inkjet CTPTM products we are selling have made an enormous jump in quality. They produce superior quality to polyester, cost less, have longer run lengths, lower consumable costs and do all this with the benefits of metal plates over polyester. We are the only company in the World in production and installing metal plate inkjet CTP. We expect this to be a very strong selling show.” Jetplate holds the Worldwide patents on imaging any diazo based (photosensitive) printing plate through any inkjet printer. Brynjolfsson adds, “with the huge advances we have made in improving inkjet CTP technology, along with our strong patents covering the imaging of traditional printing plate by inkjet technology, JetPlate will continue to be the market leader in this emerging field.”