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Graph Expo Marks North American Debut Of Screen's new Digital Offset Press

Press release from the issuing company

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — Fast makereadies, lightning production speeds and rapid job changeovers are the hallmarks of the four-color TruePress 344 digital offset press. The TruePress 344 is a new generation of press, incorporating the very latest innovative technologies in printing plates and laser imaging. The TruePress 344 is designed as a professional production machine that provides a high return on investment very quickly. It is the ideal choice for four-page and eight-page format printers who want the flexibility to produce smaller-format, economical print runs, with quality that compares to their existing offset equipment. Prepress firms and existing digital print companies can benefit from its ability to print on an array of substrates and from the opportunity to produce longer print runs more economically than can be achieved with other digital presses. Offset color printing The TruePress 344 has a maximum sheet size of 13.4 x 18.5 inches and a maximum imaging area of 13 x 18.1 inches. With a maximum printing speed of 7,000 sheets per hour, the TruePress 344 will produce a 500-sheet, single-sided job from start to finish in less than 15 minutes. The TruePress 344 utilizes high-speed 830 nm multi-array laser diode (MALD) imaging technology to expose processless plates. The makeready time is only five minutes. The TruePress 344 employs the conventional offset process to ensure optimum quality on numerous substrates. Plates can be imaged at up to 2,400 dpi resolution using screen rulings of 150 or 175 lpi. In addition, Screen plans to include its highly acclaimed SPEKTA screening method with the TruePress 344, enabling users to enjoy the benefits of traditional offset printing and AM/FM hybrid screening in their digital printing solution. Automated quality control TrueFit Advance is an automated print quality control system for the TruePress 344. It is designed to make achieving consistent print quality faster and easier, while requiring less effort. It accomplishes this by providing real-time analysis and feedback of the ink-water balance during printing. At the start of each job, TrueFit Advance reads the associated image data file and automatically calibrates the ink duct keys. The optimum run-up time for accurate results is achieved within about 30 sheets, ensuring minimal waste. Every sixth print is scanned to ensure consistent print quality throughout the run. The data are analyzed against the original calibration, and any deviation is automatically calculated to adjust the ink and the water supply to the plate. This process and the ability to adjust both ink and water automatically if required are unique in digital press technology. It results in greater accuracy and stability in the print process and is more effective than the conventional method of scanning the print control strip. Operators oversee every function of the TruePress 344 from a touch-screen control monitor at the delivery end of the press. To activate a job changeover, the operator simply selects the new job. The rest of the procedure is automated. New plate material is positioned on the cylinders while the blanket cylinders are being cleaned. All four color plates are imaged simultaneously to give an ultra-fast changeover time. After a few revolutions of the press, the dampening solution has dissolved the exposed coating from the plate and the press is ready to print. The ability to select different automated presets in the paper feed control system enables fast job changeover. The operator can recall and select preset data for the next job while the press has started imaging the plates for the current job. The speed and accuracy of automation ensure that all press functions are ready on time. Flexible and reliable Engineered to meet the rigorous demands of high-performance printing firms, the TruePress 344 features robust construction with a centralized lubrication system for operational durability and longevity. The modular, twin-tower structure of the TruePress 344 is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning. Ink rollers, dampening rollers and blankets are cleaned automatically with a single command. The TruePress 344 integrates seamlessly into an existing production environment and can be operated as an output device on a network accepting DotTiff and Job Definition Format (JDF) files. Compatible with all digital workflows, the TruePress 344 is particularly optimised by Screen’s Trueflow workflow management system within the new JDF-enabled Trueflownet environment. Increasingly short deadlines increase the demands on the production process. The need to print on the reverse side of the sheet or pass the print job immediately into the finishing department means that prints must be dry soon after printing. Screen offers an optional inline infrared dryer capable of accelerating the drying time. Development is under way on an online water-based coater and drying unit that will provide an all-over finish to seal the print. Screen will demonstrate the TruePress 344 in booth #3601 at Graph Expo 2004.