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New Muller Martini systems to automate hard cover book production at drupa 2004

Press release from the issuing company

Düsseldorf, Germany — The advantages of Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) will be fully applied to hard cover book production for the first time at the Muller Martini exhibit at drupa 2004. “Both new and redesigned systems will provide the modules manufacturers need to create a finishing workflow that will best meet their needs,” noted Werner Naegeli, CEO and President of Muller Martini Corp. “But more importantly, our drupa display will demonstrate how innovations in hard cover production can open the door to profitable niches for printers and bindery specialists and how short-run hardcover production can be profitable with the right equipment.” Among the advancements working at the show will be: The ZTM 1573 Gathering Machine — Assembling signatures at the rate of up to 8,000 cycles per hour, the ZTM 1573 is built for versatility as well as speed. It can process a wide variety of stock weights and textures, and can handle book sizes ranging up to 20 inches at the spine. The ZTM’s quick-adjust feeder magazines can be conveniently loaded from both sides, while high production reliability is ensured by a special signature separation system and flying signature acceleration. Quality control includes automatic signature detection (Asir) as well as signature thickness measurement (Asac). VenturaConnect – Making its worldwide debut at drupa 2004, VenturaConnect gathers and sews signatures into durable book blocks in a single productive pass. Stacks measuring up to 6.6 inches in height are assembled, pressed, turned, and then gently transferred into transport carriages. These form a buffer zone from which the signature stacks can be transferred on demand to the Ventura book sewing machine, or diverted for manual feeding. Connect solutions from Muller Martini can be configured with up to three in-line book sewing machines to maximize production. Ventura – The key component of VenturaConnect is this fully automatic book sewing system. The Muller Martini Ventura can handle book spine lengths of 4.7 to 20 inches. It provides an exclusive adjustable air jet system that eliminates the conventional gripper mechanism to create thread loops more efficiently. All book-related width settings – except those of the hopper and the book counting stacker – can be set via touch screen control. All are features that significantly reduce changeover time. Collibri – Muller Martini’s new back gluing machine has a modular design and is offered in different line lengths, giving book producers the option of one or two-shot gluing. Changeover between different gluing methods is fast and simple, facilitated by interchangeable glue pots. Collibri’s glue level sensor, a pneumatic glue pump and temperature monitoring system combine to ensure that the glue application remains consistent. For cold emulsion and combined two-shot gluing processes, moisture is extracted from the glue via an integrated infrared/air circulation system. Meanwhile, the lining material is fed from a wide roll that unwinds perpendicularly to the book block. That results in fewer roll changes to significantly reduce job preparation time. It also simplifies the stocking and handling of rolls. Completing the process, Collibri’s integrated liner pressing station ensures perfectly bound book blocks. TPM Spine Drying and Pressing Machine — The TPM efficiently dries each book bloc by transporting it through a 13 foot long gauntlet infrared lamps and strategically circulated air. At the heart of the system is a unique, patented roller assembly that accurately presses the spine area of the book block. The result: greater shape stability and more production efficiency. Merit Three-Knife Trimmer — Books with a block thickness of up to 3.1 inches can be accurately trimmed on three sides, either in-line or off-line. The Merit is tailored to the specific requirements of hardcover book production, is programmable and can be set up by the automatic AMRYS makeready system. Diamant Bookline – Providing highest degree of automation and efficiency in the industry, Diamant combines a casing-in line along with a joint forming and pressing machine. Diamant does more than round books, it also backs them with two full wipes. This ensures a permanent and stable joint and outstanding book quality with an exceptional round on both sewn and hotmelt book blocks. An automatic glue viscosity control for the gauze and headband glue stations enhances both quality and efficiency. That and other automated features combine to deliver high process reliability, ease of operation, short setup times and low maintenance. Additional hard cover production modules available from Muller Martini include the Jack Plus jacketing machine, the BDM Universal automatic case maker, the EKS 400 corner cutter and the Ribbon 60 ribbon insertion system. “At this year’s drupa, the industry will see the world's most complete in-line hardcover solution in action,” said Werner Naegeli. “We’ll convert folded signatures into ready-to-read books in a single productive pass to demonstrate how accessible and profitable the art of bookbinding has become.”