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Quad/Graphics Is Largest Printer to Receive Chain-of-Custody Certification

Press release from the issuing company

SUSSEX, Wis.--Jan. 2, 2004-- Reinforcing its commitment to the environment, Quad/Graphics has earned "chain-of-custody" certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an international non-profit organization devoted to encouraging responsible management of the world's forests. Quad/Graphics clients may now choose to use FSC-certified paper and the FSC-trademarked "checkmark and tree" logo in their magazines, catalogs and other printed materials. The FSC logo lets their consumers know the paper was made using wood from a healthy, well-managed forest. The FSC-U.S., based in Washington, D.C., uses independent, third-party experts to certify forests and businesses. Certifiers use FSC principles and standards to assess forest management and issue "forest management" certifications to qualifying forest owners and managers. FSC certifiers also track forest products like paper through the supply chain and issue "chain-of-custody" certifications to businesses like printers and paper mills. Many environmental organizations, including the National Wildlife Federation, The Nature Conservancy and Sierra Club, support the FSC. Quad/Graphics has a long-standing tradition as an environmentally friendly printer, according to Quad/Graphics President & CEO Thomas A. Quadracci. "We are proud to receive certification from the Forest Stewardship Council, which sets high standards promoting environmentally responsible forest management practices worldwide, sustaining the earth's forest resources for future generations," he said. "At Quad/Graphics, we are committed to doing everything we can as a company to protect and improve the environment while continuing to provide top-quality printing services to our customers." Nationwide, nearly 500 companies have received FSC chain-of-custody certification, allowing them to use the "checkmark and tree" logo on their finished goods. Quad/Graphics is the first national commercial printer to receive FSC chain-of-custody certification. Michael Washburn, FSC vice president of forestry and marketing, said: "Quad/Graphics' chain-of-custody certification is an excellent complement to its overall environmental commitment. Environmental responsibility is an important part of the Quad/Graphics culture and FSC certification is another big step in their ongoing efforts to operate in an environmentally sound manner." The ability to display the FSC logo is important to Quad/Graphics customers like the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) and Norm Thompson Outfitters, a large catalog retailer based in Portland, Ore. Quad/Graphics prints NWF's showcase magazine, National Wildlife, as well as its popular children's publications Ranger Rick, Your Big Backyard and Wild Animal Baby. "We are thrilled that Quad/Graphics has received FSC chain-of-custody certification," said Laura Hickey, senior director of production for NWF publications. "The National Wildlife Federation is one of the largest conservation education organizations in the country, and being able to specify and use FSC-certified paper and display the FSC logo demonstrates our support of responsible forest management that is critical for maintaining healthy wildlife habitat." In 2000, Norm Thompson Outfitters, which has an extensive environmental record, formed a partnership with the Alliance for Environmental Innovation, a non-profit environmental group that works with companies to find environmental solutions, to promote use of recycled paper in catalogs. Promoting responsible forest management practices builds upon that work. Rebecca Jewett, Norm Thompson Outfitters president, said using FSC-certified paper in its catalogs, such as Norm Thompson, Solutions and Early Winters, has been a goal for several years. "For Norm Thompson, Quad/Graphics' FSC certification enables us to promote the FSC in our pages, thus demonstrating our environmental commitment," Ms. Jewett said.