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Oce introduces VarioPrint 20x5 Series: Lets customers get connected without compromise

Press release from the issuing company

Venlo, November 2003— Oce today announced the introduction of its multifunctional Océ VarioPrint 20x5 Series. The systems, which include the Océ VarioPrint 2045, 2055 and 2065, provide printing, copying and scan-to-file. They are intended to help users take the first step towards digital copying or to connect document-production activities to their network. Cost-efficient printing without compromise Helmut Simon, International Product Manager for the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 family, says that digital brings a host of advantages to users. “It allows for more versatile printing, which is important in today’s complex document environments”, says Simon. “In addition, digital systems bring about better document control, time- and cost-savings, as well as better quality”. “The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 gives companies a cost-effective way to go digital and/or connect document systems to their network. We call it cost-efficiency without compromise.” Flexible document production on a variety of media The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 scans, prints and copies onto a wide variety of media, handles many file formats, and allows several finishing options. The systems produces A3, A4 and A5 documents in simplex and duplex. Simon says this flexibility makes it an ideal system with which to enter the realm of digital production. Océ Intra Logic software helps organisations keep control of this digital document workflow. The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 also includes the Océ Digital Mailbox, a feature that keeps job separated, even when multiple users are producing documents. Secure and confidential printing The Océ Digital Mailbox is also a security measure, says Simon. It can keep print jobs in memory until the user enters a PIN at the system console. “In an age of increased security concerns we find that our customers are demanding these kind of safeguards”, says Simon. “The Océ Digital Mailbox keeps confidential information in the system until the user is ready to print it out.” The system can also be programmed to automatically delete print jobs according to an organisation’s designated schedule. Cost-effective digital production The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 is designed to provide cost-effective digital production, according to Simon. Among the cost-saving features he cites are: Inherent system robustness that ensures high uptime An intuitive interface that allows even occasional users to get excellent results while minimising costly mistakes Océ Copy Press, Océ proprietary technology, that reduces paper jams and optimises print quality Easy charge-back to users Océ says that the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 is especially efficient in public environments, such as universities and schools , that have a large number of casual users. The system features accounting functionality that can track use by department, group or user, even down to the document level. This allows an organisation to charge users for services. The system can also be equipped with an external Copy Control Device that allows walk-up users to pay as they go. Investment protection The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 is available in 46-, 52- or 62-ppm versions and can be purchased as a digital copier or a networked copier/printer. Speed upgrades are possible, so customers can increase the system’s capabilities as their needs change. They can also increase functionality, for example, by adding Océ Scan Logic to the basic configuration. This software turns the system into an easy-to-operate scanner, which handles all hard-copy input. “This modularity and upgradeability makes the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 a very safe investment for our customers”, he adds. Part of the Océ VarioPrint product line The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 is part of the popular Océ VarioPrint product line. Océ designed the VarioPrint line to handle documents more effectively in today’s variable world, with its omnipresent networks and multiplicity of data sources: client/server platforms, mainframes, mixed desktop operating systems, etc. The robust Océ systems help people get their vital information on and off the Information Highway, both by accepting data from a variety of sources (variable input), and by putting this information onto paper or scanning it to file (variable output).