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QuadTech showcases new products for the first time in America

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Booth #3809 -- QuadTech Inc., a division of Quad/Graphics, is a key exhibitor at Nexpo 2004, June 19 – 22 Washington D.C., USA, showing for the first time in America a new extended and stronger product portfolio of ancillary press controls for web printers. For Newspapers, QuadTech ancillary press control products address the growing requirement for higher quality print and color on every page, adding high levels of automation to the operation of newspaper presses. These products also make a dramatic impact on waste levels by reducing the number of wasted copies at press start-ups to previously unattainable levels. “The waste levels on a large newspaper press are exaggerated by the complexity of setting up multiple printing towers,” states Sharon Quint, Director of Marketing for QuadTech. “As part of our new branding program, we identified that newspapers wanted integrated and automated solutions to optimize press productivity and maximize throughput. Our new products – QuadTech Register Guidance System with MultiCam and QuadTech Ribbon Control System with MultiCam , not only deliver new levels of automation and color quality to newspaper printers, but also move QuadTech one step further towards its future vision, The Lights Out pressroom. ”The Lights Out concept underlines our passion to turn newspaper printing into a process in which there are no bottlenecks, ambiguities, inconsistencies or unknowns. This approach will give dramatic workflow benefits and waste savings - major contributors to competitive advantage and future success.” QuadTech Ribbon Control System with MultiCam and QuadTech Register Guidance System with MultiCam Launched at drupa 2004 and on show at Nexpo, is QuadTech’s new ‘color-to-color’ and ‘ribbon’ register technology for newspaper and commercial web offset applications. Both the Ribbon Control System with MultiCam and Register Guidance System with MultiCam provide the most advanced register control available today, at a price-point that makes them universally affordable. Based on QuadTech’s unique ICON platform, the Register Guidance System with MultiCam gives the press control system the ability to preset job functions and frees up the press operator to focus on other areas in the pressroom. With QuadTech’s focus on modular product offerings for diversifying markets, the Ribbon Control System with MultiCam and Register Guidance System with MultiCam have been developed for maximum flexibility, upgradeability and greater operational efficiencies. Using an innovative, ultra-fast camera, they both collect register information from printed, micro-sized register marks, and communicate error, status and configuration information to optimize register and press performance. “MultiCam based products are essentially the best of both worlds,” comments Jim Wodicka, QuadTech Product Manager. “With a loyal and extremely satisfied existing installed base of Autotron and Register Guidance Systems, we approached this product development determined to meet our customers’ individual requirements now and in the future. With MultiCam we’ve gone one step better – we’ve captured the best of the incumbent technology, while making it even more affordable through the use of shared components.” The two MultiCam based products can be purchased separately or integrated together to provide total control of web register from reelstand to folder. QuadTech’s Register Guidance System with Vector is a high-speed, color-to-color register control, which captures data from a moving web at speeds up to 3,500 feet per minute (17,8 meters per second). The advanced design allows it to quickly lock-on to register marks and maintain lock-on during tension upsets, press speed changes and reel splices, saving waste. The system features small diamond shaped register marks, which results in less white space requirements and flexible page formats. QuadTech Autotron Newspaper 2800 Register Guidance System Also on show at Nexpo 2004 is QuadTech’s renowned Autotron Newspaper 2800 Register Guidance System, which provides newspaper printers with uncompromised register controls on multi or single unit presses. Offering an integrated approach to register control it accommodates a multitude of different web paths and imposition plans. The Autotron Newspaper 2800 Register Guidance System has the ability to expand from a single web to multi-tower press runs, by simple selection from the operator console. Using a number of different control modules such as color, folder length and web guiding, Autotron Newspaper 2800 guarantees quality standards throughout the print process. New QuadTech Data Central Data Central answers the need for improved workflow through JDF-enabled systems and controls. It is a sophisticated software product, designed specifically to enhance press productivity. Overlaying the control provided by other QuadTech ICON -based products, it provides automatic configuration as well as sophisticated statistics and reports on press performance and optimization. Data Central has been designed to be modular, so that it can expand in line with future needs and operates with all QuadTech controls running on the ICON platform, including register, cut-off and color controls.