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QuadTech-designed FCS 2000: Capable of Producing 10,000 Versions

Press release from the issuing company

June 24, 2004 -- The QuadTech-designed FCS 2000 is capable of producing 10,000 different book types – up from 1,000 – giving our clients the most expansive ink-jet personalization and demographic binding capabilities in the industry. Now, a client can conceivably produce 10,000 versions of a magazine or catalog, using a combination of ink-jet messaging and selective insertion of pages and other pieces such as business reply cards. Designed to control our stitchers, polywrappers, multimailers and perfect binders, the FCS 2000 allows Quad to offer more selectivity to our already existing ink-jet capabilities. What's more, the system is so advanced and so flexible, it paves the way to controlling nearly all our future finishing equipment! Capabilities Clients Love The FCS 2000 is equipped with unique features, including: Fully functional A/B split capabilities with enhanced features such as increased ratio limits and split groups, which gives us the ability of both feeding pockets at a given ratio and firing or feeding a device at that same ratio. Complete control of key portions of the binder, including the cover deck, which allows us to downline inhibit/reject cover misfeeds. Pre-printed barcode reading and demo ink-jet matching on gatherer and outside ink jet. Easier to Operate Another bonus of the FCS 2000 is its ease of use. Prior to its introduction, perfect binders required one computer to run the gatherer section of the binder, one computer to run the cover application and selection section, and another computer to perform book and cover orders, control the ink jet, reorder books and reject books. The FCS 2000 has essentially combined three separate controller systems into one. Now, a single operator can use a single computer to run the entire line. This: Accelerates training, as the operator only has to learn one (not three) systems. Saves setup time. Creates efficiencies by having only one person in charge of all three control functions. In addition, the FCS 2000 offers increased reliability and enhanced functionality. The FCS 2000 is equipped with a fully functional repair pocket function, which enables us to detect if a pocket misfires and then fire a repair signature for that page. The upgraded software is also equipped with an improved product tracking function capable of tracking products on the line, which helps us to increase the accuracy of our data collection. It also has another function that enhances downstream inhibit and reject functionality enabling us to calculate a more realistic reject rate.