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New AVT Systems Provides Quality Assurance And Process Control For Label Printers

Press release from the issuing company

HOD-HASHARON, ISRAEL, July 14, 2003 — New automatic inspection systems for complete quality assurance and process control workflow will be demonstrated in AVT's booth at Labelexpo Europe, September 24 – 27, at Parc des Exhibitions, Brussels. Two new solutions will be shown for the first time in Europe: the PrintVision/Helios and the PrintVision/Jupiter Compact. These solutions have been developed as a part of AVT's strategy to deliver process control and quality assurance tools for printers at each stage of the production workflow. Today, AVT offers on-press solutions for process control (PrintVision/Jupiter and PrintVision/Jupiter Compact), quality assurance for on-press and post-press applications (PrintVision/Helios) and an off-line pre-press verification solution (ProoFit). This range of solutions is a result of the close work of AVT with label printers and reflects printers' priorities and needs. 100% Inspection For Complete Quality Assurance Workflow The PrintVision/Helios has enhanced features designed for label printers. The system can be mounted either onpress for inspection during a press run, or mounted on a rewinder for post-print quality assurance. The system inspects labels of any size, on any label stock, including paper, reflective materials, transparent films, foils, and flexible materials. When used on a rewinder, the PrintVision/Helios will stop the rewinder, then move the defective label to the operator's location when a fault is detected. The operator can then inspect the fault, both on the system's monitor and on the roll itself. A powerful zoom feature enables close study of the fault. Additionally, online job/roll reports with images of all faults are generated, providing a record with defect analysis. This includes information about the defect such as beginning of the fault, its location, the type of fault and in which lane it occurred. These roll reports can be used as a Guarantee of Quality tool for customers. The PrintVision/Helios also features a digital defect buffer that enables printers to analyze previous defects. The features and detailed record provided by the PrintVision/Helios, such as character flows detection, die-cut registration and imperfect matrix removal, makes it well suited for quality critical jobs such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and drink labels. A color camera and a reflective substrates inspection module are among the PrintVision/Helios' optional items. Stop Faults Before Running Waste The PrintVision/Jupiter Compact incorporates a new software module with advanced automatic inspection capabilities for process control. The system alerts press operators to print defects including spots, streaks, mis-prints, color variation and mis-registration, and displays the fault on the monitor. Remedial action can be taken to minimize waste. Fault tolerances can be independently set, enabling close control over print quality and faults to be corrected before any waste is run. The PrintVision/Jupiter Compact was designed to suit the limited space on label presses without reducing functionality. A compact optical head, ideal for label and narrow web applications, is a part of the system. Quicker set-up and easier operation are made possible through an improved ergonomic design and intuitive workflow. Simple icon-based instructions lead the operator quickly through the system's operation, enabling him to complete the set-up in a minimum amount of time. Visual or audio alarms mean that the operator does not need to remain at the console during the press run. New features include a job map tool that enables printers to view the whole repeat on-screen for faster set-up, camera movement and image orientation. In addition, quality thresholds are displayed in one window with a "save as default" feature for accelerated set-up. Both PrintVision solutions free operators to carry out more productive and profitable activities while delivering the highest level of process control and quality assurance. ProoFit Also in the AVT booth will be ProoFit, a file-to-press verification tool that can compare digital files with printed products and detect errors. Using an A3 flatbed scanner, ProoFit can be used to inspect screen-printed products and printing plates as well as packing and label materials. ProoFit provides an easy, low-cost method of maximizing quality and reducing waste before and during a press run by detecting faults and ensuring that the correct job is being run. ProoFit is designed to support the demanding validation workflow process of pharmaceutical labels printing and provides an approved (CFR 21 part 11) automatic tool for these purposes.