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MAN Roland Extends Scope of Newspaper Lineup, New Models

Press release from the issuing company

July 8, 2003 -- Westmont, Illinois — The world’s leading newspaper press manufacturer is extending the scope of its product lineup. MAN Roland Inc. has introduced new 6X2, 3X2 and 3X1 models to provide newspapers with more printing output, while they streamline their operations. “Our customers need to achieve higher utilization from every printing unit, so that less equipment will do more work,” says Vincent H. Lapinski, Senior Vice President of Web Operations. “Our new configurations help them achieve that goal, equipping newspapers to do more in less space, with less people and in less time.” The new six-across two-around press is called the COLORMAN XXL, and it has a top operating speed of 90,000 copies per hour, depending upon the cutoff. Compared to a 4X2 press producing 48 pages, it gets the job done with one-third less units and one-third fewer reel stands. What’s more COLORMAN XXL can produce a 72-page paper utilizing one-fourth fewer units and one-fourth less splicers than a 4X2 system producing a 64-page edition. “As its name indicates, the COLORMAN XXL lets newspapers put four-color quality on all of their pages,” Lapinski adds. “In fact, the nine-cylinder configuration of its printing units provides for the highest accuracy in color register of all 6X2 solutions on the market.” Also enhancing quality on the COLORMAN XXL is its metal-backed blanket cylinder, and refined plate and blanket fittings that virtually eliminate cylinder bounce. An optional automatic plate clamping system is offered on the machine to further reduce makeready times and staffing requirements. An innovative core-driven reel stand with automatically adjustable support arms was developed for the COLORMAN XXL. It delivers 83% more paper per reel while reducing waste by 30%. Newspapers that use the new splicer will require 44% fewer reel stands. A new turner unit and folder superstructure was also created for the press. It features three formers side by side and up to two former levels to deliver maximum product versatility. To facilitate quick changeovers, the folder’s angle bars position themselves automatically on command from the press’ PECOM operating system. UNISET Goes Three-Wide MAN Roland’s just-introduced three-wide by two-around model is the newest member of the company’s UNISET family. What the COLORMAN XXL does in the high-volume level, the new UNISET delivers to the 4- and 8-page segments. The advantages include one-third more printing capacity, a reduced number of webs and printing couples, and a shorter press length. The new UNISET also gives newspapers the capability to combine broadsheet and tabloid pages in one product from a single press run. it also can be easily changed bank-and-forth from a three-wide to a two-wide press to provide additional production flexibility. “With a speed of 75,000 copies per hour, the new UNISET is the fastest press in its class,” Lapinski declares. “And with its product versatility it can open the door for commercial work, giving the newspapers that use it an additional revenue stream.” CROMOMAN Expands The latest CROMOMAN is a three-across, one-around model that is now also the fastest in its class. Mechanical and electronic refinements have kicked up CROMOMAN’s top speed to 70,000 copies per hour. Now offering one-third more output in its new six-page configuration, CROMOMAN is well suited for newspapers that run up to 48 broadsheet pages. The press also is a commercial performer capable of turning out high quality inserts, and can be fitted with a dryer enabling it to print on coated stock. “These three new presses do more than extend MAN Roland’s newspaper product line,” says Vince Lapinski. “They redefine key categories for the industry, giving our customers additional choices in the form of a 24-page system, a 12-page press and a 6-page machine. That provides a new level of performance at a time when the newspaper industry most needs it.”