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RealTimeImage Advances Online Proofing

Press release from the issuing company

SAN BRUNO, CA - June 25, 2003 - RealTimeImage, the world's leading online proofing provider, announces RealTimeProof product line developments centered on color management advancements, localization and OSX compatibility. The result is the industry's most color-accurate, fast, and feature-rich approval management and online proofing suite of solutions for Windows and Macintosh. Consequently, even less iterations of hard copy color proofs need to be generated, distributed, and waited on by clients, agencies, prepress shops, printers, and publishers. Along with being used directly by thousands of customers from all corners of the world, RealTimeProof technology is also powering some of the industry's leading vendors in proofing, DAM, and workflow solutions, including KPG with its new MatchPrintVirtual solution, WAM!NET, Printable, Schawk Interchange with PaRTs, Design2Launch and Paxonix. *Color Advancements Bring Unsurpassed On-Screen to Output Color Accuracy* - Use & Swap Multiple ICC Profiles with Any Jobs/Files RealTimeProof solutions can now support multiple ICC Profiles, allowing the customer to choose specific profiles for specific files. Profiles can also be easily swapped, as needed. Combined with its unsurpassed full resolution streaming and viewing, RealTimeProof delivers a complete color-managed on-screen proofing workflow. - Accurate Monitor-to-Output Color Matching Output profiles can be uploaded to RealTimeProof and used by the end user to ensure the color integrity of hard copy proof, which can be remotely generated over RealTimeProof. - Patent Awarded for Online Densitometer In related news, the United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded RealTimeImage a patent for its unique online Densitometer system for measuring the exact color value of each pixel - as set in the original file - online. *European Language Localization* French, German, Italian and Spanish language versions of RealTimeProof's client/server applications are available now, and localized versions of RealTimeProof.com, the ASP offering, are being released throughout this year. Localization also allows annotating the file in any given language. *Macintosh OSX Support* Beginning this quarter, all RealTimeProof Macintosh customers will be able to operate RealTimeProof client application on OSX. *Additional Developments* User Interface Enhancements - New Gallery View for an alternate view of project files - New Loose Grease Pen tool ˆThis useful new proofing mark-up tool allows the user to freely mark-up several areas of a proof under one annotation. Graphic Arts division Executive Vice President Yehuda Messinger says that additional "under the hood" developments that are transparent to the customer will substantially even further increase the RealTimeProof customer satisfaction. These developments include further enhancements to the already widest range of file format support, such as pre-separated PDF and PS native files.