Royal Impressions to Add Second iGen3 from Xerox

Press release from the issuing company

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 25, 2003 – Royal Impressions, a graphic communications firm based in New York, has increased its color printing revenue 15 percent during the past 12 months by using Xerox Corporation’s DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press. The company’s success spurred a decision to add a second DocuColor iGen3 to meet growing demand for personalized, one-to-one marketing documents. One of the first customers to both test and purchase a DocuColor iGen3, Royal Impressions expects that the two DocuColor iGen3s will increase its color output from 500,000 pages per month to more than 2 million within the next 12 months. Seventy-five percent of that volume stems from personalized, or variable information (VI) printing, which permits content to vary from page to page. Royal Impressions uses the DocuColor iGen3 primarily for VI printing, allowing the shop to produce materials with different text and images within the same print run. One example is a customized, full-color, 40 to 90 page 401(k) enrollment guide that Royal Impressions produces for Prudential Retirement. Each guide contains confidential information tailored to individual participants of Prudential retirement plans and requires 100 percent accuracy. This personalized material has helped Prudential increase its number of corporate clients and make it easier for employees to understand the direct benefits of the plans. “The DocuColor iGen3 allows us to expand our print offerings and capitalize on the growing demand for VI printing,” said Christopher DeSantis, president, Royal Impressions. ”It allows us to increase volume, develop more effective communication campaigns for our customers, and increase their return on investment.” Anticipating continued business growth, Royal Impressions is looking forward to the arrival of its second digital press this summer. “We were an alpha test facility for the DocuColor iGen3 and are proud to be a part of its development and success,” said DeSantis. “We see a hungry VI market and our sales force will continue to get out there and ‘wow’ potential customers with this amazing technology.” Seminar Spotlights VI Applications Royal Impressions will host an invitation-only seminar, “Relevant Marketing: How Today’s Leading Companies are Measuring and Maximizing ROI,” today at the Millennium Broadway Hotel in New York City showcasing the DocuColor iGen3 and a variety of VI applications. Individuals in the advertising/marketing, finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, and entertainment/travel/leisure industries received personalized invitations (12 different versions) printed on the DocuColor iGen3. Guest speakers will include Barbara A. Pellow, the Frank E. Gannett Professor of Integrated Publishing Sciences at Rochester Institute of Technology, and Rab Govil, president of the Print on Demand Initiative (PODi). The firm also uses three Xerox DocuColor 2060 Digital Color Presses to produce VI applications, such as customized marketing materials to help reduce the number of late reservations and cancellations for a well-known travel resort. Personalized and customized mailings -- integrating more than 700 variable elements including text and images -- highlight a vacationer’s specific interests and the activities available at the resort. The cancellation rate, which typically averages about 30 percent, has been reduced due to this program and is significantly increasing the resort’s return on investment. “VI applications provide graphic communications service providers like Royal Impressions with incredible room to grow and develop their business,” said Frank D. Steenburgh, senior vice president and general manager, Xerox Production Color Solutions Business. “The DocuColor iGen3 meets customers’ needs by offering not only VI printing, but also a print speed of 100 pages-per-minute, image quality that compares favorably with offset, and cost-effective, short-run job capability that is just not possible on traditional presses.” Royal Impressions, a 50-person firm, has been a Xerox customer for nearly 12 years. The firm creates, manages and delivers a full range of sophisticated marketing and corporate communications programs to its customers using digital and conventional printing, e-mail, Web-based solutions, and mailing and complete fulfillment services.