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DATAMATX Chooses Exstream Software's Dialogue as Corporate Standard

Press release from the issuing company

June 23, 2003 -- Exstream Software, Inc. announced today that DATAMATX is using its Dialogue software to better respond to increased customer demand for more complex, personalized document solutions for high-volume transaction, direct mail and one-to-one marketing applications. DATAMATX, headquartered in Atlanta, GA specializes in providing design through delivery of high-volume print and mail solutions for a variety of industries, including utility, finance, banking, telecommunications, healthcare and collections. Dialogue's robust flexibility is allowing DATAMATX to experience huge gains in productivity by processing documents in a third of the time it previously took. Dialogue is also making it possible for DATAMATX to establish a standardized production environment for all its locations with its ability to run on multiple platforms, further improving overall processes and streamlining operations. DATAMATX processes over 400,000 business critical documents a day and reports that future document development within DATAMATX, as well as major enhancements to existing documents, will be accomplished using Dialogue. The key drivers in choosing Dialogue were its high performance engine; design once, deliver anywhere flexibility; campaign management capabilities; and ability to use multiple print drivers in one production path, allowing for simultaneous delivery through multiple print and electronic channels. Using Dialogue's campaign management suite, DATAMATX is producing fully personalized communications and maximizing the effectiveness of these documents by utilizing the white space as valuable real estate to cross-sell or up-sell products based on customer preferences. DATAMATX is also using Dialogue to produce more meaningful utility, financial and bank statement applications for its customers through dynamic charting. Dialogue can create any type of data-driven, variable chart, such as pie, line or bar charts, and insert them into the statements at run time. Additionally, Dialogue's user-friendly intuitive graphical user interface makes it easy for DATAMATX to make changes and implement them quickly, a huge selling point in the insurance and collection industries. “Dialogue provides an unmatched flexibility that improves efficiency and productivity across our entire operation,” said Jake Johnson, general manager of the DATAMATX Richmond, VA facility. “Our salespeople are using this enhanced efficiency as a marketing tool by getting prototypes out to customers so quickly they are amazed. This alone delivers a powerful presentation of our expanded capabilities using Dialogue.” Dialogue is helping DATAMATX save customers additional money with its “design once, deliver anywhere” capability. The ability to output to many different devices with one application design not only lowers developments costs, but also lets DATAMATX split large customer files between facilities to expedite nationwide delivery of a variety of documents. DATAMATX is now able to reach over 90 percent of recipients with first-class mail pieces, such as customer invoices, in one to two days. DATAMATX reports that processing invoices more quickly has significantly increased the satisfaction of its customers by accelerating client payments, thus improving cash flow. “We are pleased that Dialogue's robust functionality offers DATAMATX and its customers so many benefits,” said Davis Marksbury, president and CEO of Exstream Software, Inc. “It is always satisfying to provide organizations an innovative solution to improve customer communications while reducing costs at the same time.”