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Gimle Announces Pantone Licensing Agreement For Hexachrome Inkjet Proofing Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

Christchurch, New Zealand, June 10, 2003: Gimlé, developers of AbsoluteProof Software, announce a Pantone license of the first true Hexachrome-In and Hexachrome-Out proofing workflow with ICC support. AbsoluteProof is a high quality, low cost digital proofing application with licensed PANTONE Color libraries. AbsoluteProof is not only capable of proofing Hexachrome on Hexachrome capable printers, but also on CMYK Ink Jet printers. Hexachrome files are taken from the imagesetter Rip or Hexachrome separated images through an ICC profile, and AbsoluteProof then recombines and color manages the information and sends the file to the proofer. The only limitations are within the color gamut of the proofing device itself. The packaging industry has been steadily adopting Hexachrome printing to gain major savings in make-ready time and ink stocking. With Hexachrome, it is possible to reproduce rich, vibrant solid colors, realistic skin tones and elegant pastels. The Hexachrome color gamut exceeds that of CMYK, allowing the printer to achieve the same bright, vibrant colors as were originally designed on the computer monitor. AbsoluteProof provides support for a range of Epson, HP and Roland Inkjet printers and offers a digital Hexachrome proofing workflow with full ICC support. AbsoluteProof makes it easy to proof Hexachrome jobs on inkjet printers. Using programs such as PANTONE HexWare and AbsoluteProof, the user can now take jobs that have been separated for Hexachrome and proof them on their inkjet printer. “AbsoluteProof is an important workflow component that enhances the Hexachrome pre-press process and makes it possible to simulate Hexachrome output on inkjet printers,” states Andy Hatkoff, vice president of Pantone’s Electronic Color Systems. “The versatility of AbsoluteProof will make Hexachrome proofing easier and more accessible. This is a solution our customers have been looking for.” AbsoluteProof is able to simulate PANTONE Colors; interpreting traps, overprints and all other file issues to represent what the final printing press will produce. Processing files from the imagesetter Rip, AbsoluteProof offers Rip integrity and color integrity. AbsoluteProof accepts a range of CMYK, LAB or RGB TIFF files from imagesetter RIPs and utilizes the full color gamut of the printer for matching spot colors that are outside the source color space. As the source files come from the imagesetter, the results are exactly the same interpretation of traps, overprints and fonts that will be seen on the press. AbsoluteProof’s advanced features allow individual inks to be ‘tuned’ for optimizing proofer output. It also provides 6-channel linearization and support for GretagMacbeth's ProfileMaker MeasureTool. Quote from Hugo: "Gimlé is committed to providing a fully automated color managed workflow to all sectors of the printing industry. In 1999 we set out to develop a robust flexible digital proofing application, we are very proud to announce the release of AbsoluteProof 2.3 with PANTONE Hexachrome and PANTONE Color support. We also came across the specific need in the packaging industry for Hexachrome support for AbsoluteProof. The Hexachrome proofing workflow is extremely color critical, requiring precision color matching. It gives me great pleasure to say that we now offer a unique solution that enables fully automated color managed ICC Hexachrome proofing on Ink Jet printers."