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Agfa Introduces Elite CtP Platesetters

Press release from the issuing company

Ridgefield Park / NJ, June 6, 2003 – Agfa today announced the Elite versions of the :Xcalibur VLF large-format CtP (computer-to-plate) platesetter and the :Xcalibur 45 8-up CtP platesetters. The :Xcalibur Elite platesetters allow users to image with high-level screening solutions including FM (:CristalRaster) and XM (:Sublima), as well as AM (:Agfa Balanced Screening). The Elite :Xcalibur VLF and :Xcalibur 45 represent Agfa’s ability to push the boundaries of development, offering printers the technology to provide higher quality to their customers. “Just as Agfa pioneered FM screening technology with :CristalRaster in the early 90’s, we’re revolutionizing screening again with :Sublima, committing ourselves to the highest levels of quality,” said Dave Costa, worldwide marketing director, CtP Equipment. Like all other models in the :Xcalibur VLF and :Xcalibur 45 lines, the Elites are high-definition CtP (HD-CtP) systems. Both use the Grating Light Valve (GLV) imaging system developed by Silicon Light Machines. The GLV provides the high level of accuracy necessary for advanced screening in the most demanding applications. :Sublima renders very fine details on regular stock at moderate imaging resolutions. It achieves contone reproduction for highly dynamic images. :Sublima delivers 1 to 99 percent dots on the plate and the printed sheet. In the mid-tones, :Sublima uses :ABS, Agfa's popular AM screening solution. Then it automatically responds to the highlights and shadows by smoothly transitioning to Agfa’s patented FM-screening technique. As a result, :Sublima consistently maintains the full 1 to 99 percent tonal range throughout the print run. :CristalRaster is Agfa’s stochastic screening technology for true photographic-quality color reproduction. With :CristalRaster stochastic screening, all halftone dots have the same very small size, but their frequency varies according to the tone value to be reproduced, and their spatial distribution is carefully randomized. The Elite versions of the :Xcalibur 45 and the :Xcalibur VLF will be available in Q4 of 2003. The Xcalibur Family The :Xcalibur VLF is Agfa’s thermal platesetting solution for very large format (VLF) platemaking. Its external drum design includes many innovations designed to make VLF platesetting faster, easier, and more accurate. There are four models from which to choose, the largest of which can image plates that are 2030 x 1475 mm (80 x 58") in size. A fully automated :PlateManager is available with all VLF models. The :Xcalibur 45 is Agfa’s high-speed 8-up thermal platesetter designed for high throughput, uncompromising image quality and maximum convenience. The :Xcalibur 45 outputs up to 25 full-format plates an hour at 2400 dpi. It is available in manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic configurations, enabling users to choose the level of automation that best matches their throughput requirements. Promoting the Power of Print Agfa has been a dedicated leader in the printing & publishing industry for more than 135 years. Agfa is proud to be the Founding Supplier Partner of the PIA/GATF Print Awareness initiative and “Print It!” campaign, designed to help the graphic arts community promote print as the medium of choice.