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Book Devoted To Magazine Production Available

Press release from the issuing company

ROCKAWAY, NJ -- June 4, 2003 -- Bert N. Langford & Associates (BNL) is pleased to announce publication of a new book devoted to magazine pproduction entitled "Working With a Magazine Printer", and which has received exceptional reviews. Targeted Audience... Anyone involved in magazine production - including publishers and other publishing executives, art directors and editors - will find this book an indispensable resource. Even major printers are ordering bulk copies for use in training sales and customer service professionals. "Working With a Magazine Printer" consists of 316 pages plus a unique wrap-around cover packaged within a spacious 8 x 10" trim format. One Initial Review... One CEO of a major magazine printing company report to BNL, "The title doesn't convey the subtlety and sophistication of your ideas. I think it is a GREAT book, one which I am going to go back to several more times until I understand all of your points. I also am going to share it with key managers here." He added, "...I have been reading your VERY EXCELLENT BOOK. I am up to the chapters on emerging technology. Everything is accurate and it is unparalleled in its completeness and relevance." Published Supplement in FOLIO:... In fact, a special supplement by Bert N. Langford and entitled "In Celebration of Print" appears in the June, 2003 issue of FOLIO: magazine, with further coverage about the book. The article commemorates the major achievements by magazine printers these last 50 years, focusing in particular on this Digital Age. What the Book Offers... The book categories categorizes magazine publishing into three distinct sections: -- Part 1 - Printing & Production Basics: Web Offset; Process Color; Press Impositions; Binding; Paper Stock; Production Plannning; Starting Up a New Magazine; Product Formats; Printing Pricing & Billing; -- Part 2 - Developing a Professional Production Organization: Establishing Vendor Requirements: Qualify and Select Vendors, Issue the RFP, Evaluating Printing Bids, pricing vs. other costs of doing business, Selecting Your Final Printing Choice, and Contract, Performance Standards and Boiler Plate Requirements; All About Paper Stock, Including Furnishing Your Own Paper Stock; Budgeting and Mapping; Organizing a Production Department; Inserts & Other Ancillary Requirements and the USPS; an expanded chapter on vendor management, including Avoiding vs. Resolving Ad Complaints, Developing a Standard Operating Procedures Manual, Press Products and Impositions, Versioning; an expanded chapter on Emerging Technologies including eCommerce, PDF/X Workflow, Press Technologies, Finishing Technology, Market Pricing, Stochastic Screening, and Color Reproduction; -- Part 3 - Advanced Topics: Heatset Web Offset & Its Press Components; Cold Web or Open Web Offset; Rotogravure; an expanded chapter entitled "Metamorphosis of the Modern Production Manager" includes sections on bringing pre-press in-house (or not), "best practices" to improve inter-company workflow, transcendence of the production manager into ad sales support and web support, and managing the modern production department including departmental budgets. By its comprehensive coverage of every aspect of today's magazine production, there is no other resource like "Working With a Magazine Printer." Availability... The book can be ordered using Visa, MasterCard or American Express cards from the web site, WWW.BNLConsult.com. Priced at $79.95 for U.S. destinations including shipping and handling*, the book's contents take the reader through three overall Parts, from Basic through Intermediate, then into Advanced topics. For Canada and Mexico add $16.00 per book. For other International destinations, add $20.00 per book. All international orders by American Express only.