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New Technology Promises to Bring Internet Printing to the Masses

Press release from the issuing company

POMPANO BEACH, Fla., May 29 -- Net2Printer, Inc., a South Florida software company, is introducing new technology that allows Windows computer users to print original-quality documents to ANY of the millions of printers connected to the Internet, via a computer, utilizing its proprietary software solution. Using Net2Printer software, the sender actually prints directly to the receiver's printer, even if the recipient's printer is across the street, across the country or across the ocean. Documents are automatically printed in real-time without manual intervention by the recipient. The demand for Internet printing has been acknowledged by the high-tech industry's major corporations who are embracing Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). However, IPP-based products are designed for large, infrastructure-heavy businesses. They will not work on the overwhelming majority of installed computer printers because IPP requires the assignment of a static IP address. Unique printer drivers are also required for each destination printer making IPP a partial solution to Internet printing. Investment in IPP infrastructure limits the practical use of IPP printing for small and medium-sized businesses, home based offices, and consumers who do not wish to purchase new, expensive printing equipment and install new operating systems. Net2Printer's patent pending technology brings to market a low cost solution to Internet printing, eliminating the need to invest in expensive IPP-enabled printing peripherals. Net2Printer technology, utilizing the Internet and the expanding infrastructure of an estimated 260 million computer printers around the globe, enables real-time, peer-to-peer document delivery, management, and remote printing. Each document prints exactly as it appears on the originating computer, regardless of the software in which it was originally created eliminating compatibility concerns, including issues related to printer drivers. Documents can be printed using the full capabilities of the target printer, including color. It is fast, efficient technology. Instead of printing a document locally and transmitting it by various methods over long distances (i.e. courier, postal service, Federal Express, etc.), the document is actually printed at its destination, saving time, money, and ensuring high quality originals. Net2Printer networks the world's printers. Net2Printer's technology represents a software-only solution to Internet printing capable of immediate document delivery to computers connected through both static and dynamic IP addresses. This breakthrough technology represents an efficient and cost-effective alternative to facsimile transmissions, Email attachments, private and Governmental postal services, and overnight courier delivery of printed documents. Virtually every business-to-business and business-to-consumer transaction involving a printed document can take advantage of the revolutionary Net2printer technology. Net2Printer works with firewalls, proxy servers and within VPN intranets. Net2Printer networks the world's printers in a manner that has never been done before and heralds a new paradigm in both personal and business printing technology. The Vanguard Version of the Net2Printer software is free-of-charge and is available for download from the company's website http://www.Net2Printer.com.