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CAP Ventures Releases New Report on U.S. Narrow Format Inkjet Media

Press release from the issuing company

(Norwell, MA) May 28, 2003… The number of people who work out of their homes, who telecommute, and who work for virtual companies has caused a proliferation of home computer and inkjet printer placements. The growth in the population of inkjet printers has in turn driven another large market: desktop inkjet media. CAP Ventures estimates that by 2003, the total number of inkjet prints will exceed 115.2 billion, and the total value of the market will exceed $3.1 billion. In a new report entitled U.S. Narrow Format Inkjet Media Report: 2003, CAP Ventures analysts provide an in-depth look at the market for desktop inkjet media. Based on detailed analysis of printer installed base, applications, and usage patterns, CAP Ventures has drawn important conclusions about this market that include: Uncoated media is still the dominant choice for inkjet printing, faxing, and multifunction equipment. It generates 96% of the demand, but only 37% of the total market revenue. The impact of lower-cost substitutes is being felt across the coating industry, as treated papers and cast coated papers are routinely being used in place of resin coated media for color printing Inkjet technology is migrating “upstream” and competing with laser technology in terms of speed, color capability, and image quality Application software is a primary enabler for specialty media. Linking applications and media drives the use of specialty media such as photo paper, art papers, card stocks, transfer papers, and film products. The complete report is available immediately to clients of CAP Ventures North American Communication Supplies Consulting Service. To learn more about the report or to make a purchase, please contact Stewart MacDonald at (781) 871-9000 ext. 175 or e-mail [email protected]